How to prepare for CAT 2017 using your smart phone?

Rajat updated on : 20 Jul 2017

Do you know you can use your smart phone for CAT preparation 2017? Yes, you can turn your smart phone into a virtual class and start preparing for common admission test from anywhere anytime.

CAT preparation on mobile

21st century is the century of technological advancements. I guess there is no aspect of life which is remaining untouched by technology in any way. From routine life tasks to unconventional things, every work is being done with the help of technology. We are performing every task just by the touch of our finger on a smart phone. And in this context, education too is not left behind. Online examinations makes us believe that we are living in smart age and when it comes to CAT preparation 2017, we can utilize this smart technology in a very effective, positive and productive manner. And here we are talking about preparing for CAT 2017 using your smart phone.

Only five months are left for common admission test 2017 and students have to make best use of the time which they have in their hands. Smartphones will give you the freedom to prepare for CAT 2017 even if you are in metro, or travelling. A good thing is that you are not wasting your time. Carrying a laptop again is a big headache as you need a proper place to use it. But in case of smartphones, if you don’t get to sit while traveling, you can start with your CAT exam preparation while standing too.

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Among the most famous MBA examinations in India, IIM CAT has become a household name these days. With lakhs of students sitting for this exam every year to get admission in top B – colleges acceptig CAT score in India, there is a great competition to get through it. Students are required to stay a step ahead, so that they can achieve desirable percentile in CAT 2017. While there are tons of traditional methods of learning and conventional ways for CAT preparation, let’s talk about something different. Let’s discuss how a smartphone can help you in your CAT 2017 exam preparation. Yes, you got me right. That five inch screen in your hand has huge potential. All you have got to do is to harness that potential in a right way. The students preparing for CAT entrance test can prepare for their examination with the help of these smartphone tricks to crack CAT 2017.

CAT Preparation 2017 and that too by Smartphone???

This sounds crazy but there are so many apps available for our smartphones which can help us in preparing for common admission test 2017. A vast ocean of academic content is available online which can be accessible via our smartphone. No matter which platform you are using, be it android or iPhone, these apps and study materials can be accessed by any of these. Following is a list of the ways one can utilize a smartphone for IIM entrance examination:

  •  You can do research for your CAT 2017 entrance exam preparation: If you aren’t having any material handy and you need something to read, your smartphone serves the best. You can go research online regarding your IIM entrance exams. These days everyone is using high speed internet and just in moments, one can get endless things online which are related to CAT preparation 2017.
  • Top smartphone apps for CAT 2017 preparation: Be prepared for CAT with the help of these smartphone applications. There are many apps which have been specially designed for all CAT 2017 aspirants so that they can start practising whenever they feel comfortable. These apps are available for all the smartphone operating systems. These apps also include question papers of CAT for practice. Some of these apps are CAT Vocabulary, CAT/MAT/XAT MBA Exam Prep, TuneSkill CAT TestPrep etc.
  • Online Question for CAT Preparation: Just Google this keyword and you will find tons of websites which are providing online tests and question papers for CAT 2017. You can use your smartphone and start reading from anywhere and anytime. This is the best advantage of smartphone.
  • CAT Preparation video tutorials: YouTube is a great way of learning. You want to learn something but can’t go out, just YouTube the tutorial video and start learning. This is both fun and study. You can subscribe some good YouTube channel for CAT exam preparation and start taking online tuitions.
  • Quiz and Mock Tests: Practising mock tests and taking quizzes online is another advantage of a smartphone. Whenever you have free time, even if for ten minutes, just start solving quizzes online. It will help you in analysing your speed and answering frequency.
  • CAT e-Books: e-Books can be a great help while preparing for CAT 2017. There are several e-books available online which can be downloaded and can be read anytime anywhere. These e-books are both free and paid. You can even download PDF files of CAT study material and can prepare from them. There is a huge availability of preparation material for CAT exam which can be highly productive.

Smartphone technology has revolutionized our lives and mobile learning is taking a new shape these days. Students also like this concept. Instead of carrying heavy, bulky books and study materials of CAT, students can now easily download them and save on their smartphones. This gives them the liberty to read anytime. Students can also form study groups on Whatsapp, where they can discuss their problems related to IIM entrance exams and can easily get them solved by others. Group discussion can solve many problems for the students. Everything is just on the fingertips and this really helpful strategy.

It is not easy to carry a notebook every time everywhere. But yes, you can carry our smartphone everywhere, in kitchen, in garden, in grocery shop etc. Who knows at what time any important thing strikes your nerves. Just take out your smartphone and type it down. There are several apps such as Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft One Note, Simplenote etc. You just need to download them on your phone, make an account and start using. The good thing is whatever note you make, they will be saved forever.

This is the age of mobile learning and it is spreading day by day. CAT exam takers can use their smartphones for quantitative aptitude and for comprehension reading. Flash cards help a lot if you are preparing for top MBA entrance examinations. You can do memory practice of word – meanings with the help of flash cards on your smartphones. Students can easily find study materials for CAT preparation online.

In a nutshell, all I can say is that all IIM aspirants should starting preparing for common admission tests. With help of smartphones for CAT 2017 preparation, you can enhance your analytical skills and you can start learning anytime from anywhere. Time is less and there is fierce competition. Thus, you should make use of all what you have and smartphone can serve you amazingly. 

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