How can mock tests help in cracking CAT 2017?

Rajat updated on : 13 Sep 2017

Taking mock tests for CAT preparation can increase your chances of cracking this exam. Read out more on how mock tests can help a student in CAT preparation.

CAT mock tests 2017

It is widely said that practice makes a man perfect. All the things which we have to learn and excel at, we do them by regular practice. And when we talk about how to ace in CAT 2017, the aspirants are advised to prepare by taking mock tests as much as they can. Mock tests play an important key role in the preparation of any CAT aspirant. The level of preparation of any student can be analysed on the basis mock tests.

Common Admission Test is among the most competitive and challenging exams for MBA entrance in India. CAT is a computer based online test. And if you want to score desired percentile in this exam, you have to take mock tests as many as you can. All the people who have cracked IIM entrance exams with high percentiles have all mentioned in their interviews that they used to take mock tests frequently. Thus, no doubt, cracking CAT 2017 can be made easy by taking mock tests on a regular basis.

Benefits of taking online Mock Tests for CAT 2017

Mock tests are important for all the CAT 2017 aspirants. CAT mock tests are a way to determine how much you have prepared so far and how much you have to do more. Take a look at the following few points which define the benefits of CAT Mock tests.

  • -          Mock Tests monitors the performance
  • -          They improve the accuracy and speed of the students
  • -          They help in analysing weak and strong chapters for performance improvement
  • -          Mock tests help in generating data for self-analysis
  • -          Mock tests help in determining the level of CAT preparation
  • -          Mock tests prepares the students for final examination
  • -          Mock tests help the students to overcome anxiety which students may feel before CAT
  • -          They help the students decide strategy of CAT preparation effectively and quickly.
  • -          CAT mock tests have the same format which is in real exam, so this also helps the students in preparation.
  • -          Mock tests are the best ways to do self-evaluation.

Mock Tests can be Game Changer

Regular practice is an important part of CAT preparation 2017.  It is even proved in psychology that if one thing is to be retained for a longer time, it has to be learnt in periodic interval of times. CAT mock tests can be game changer as they can stimulate your revision. And revising something strategically will make your brain intuitive with those things. All the top coaching institutes also prefer and focus on mock tests. Considering the importance of mock tests, it can be said that mock tests are the most effective way of self-evaluation so that the students can visualize their preparation level at current position. This will help them to fill any loopholes left behind. Solving previous five year question papers gives proper insight into the CAT exam pattern.

According to the CAT experts, “if you solve the past 10 years questions of CAT, you have high changes to crack CAT.” One should start taking mock tests after completing the basic preparation for CAT. It is good to take most tests from some reputed institutes. The way students take mock tests can decide the performance at the day of final exam. Taking at least 4 to 5 mock tests a day is highly recommended if you are planning to crack CAT with high percentiles. This is the way almost all the CAT toppers have cracked this exam previously.  

The total duration of CAT exam is 180 minutes which is divided into 60 minutes per section. One should try to complete CAT mock test within 150 to 160 minutes. It is good to keep at least 20 minutes in hand as buffer time so that you can attempt other questions. In mock test, try to attempt the easier section at first. This will help you boost up your confidence and this energy will help you in next sections as well. The moderate question should be attempted in second go and in the end, most difficult questions should be attempted. This way you can check the accuracy of your attempts. Mock tests are like the replica of CAT exam. These tests are of almost the same standard; this is the main reason one should always take mock tests. CAT mock tests will have the questions of same difficulty level.

 Will CAT Mock Test Help in Improving CAT Score?

As discussed earlier, mock tests are quite important to take before you sit in the final exam. However, mere doing mock tests don’t help in preparation but you need to analyse the final score every time. And on the basis of analysis after every exam, you should make a strategy to match the level of your preparation. If you don’t analyse your score at the end of the mock test, you will just feel comfortable that you are done with it. Following a step wise action plan based on mock test helps the students score better percentile in CAT. After finishing mock tests for CAT, one should always focus on the following:

-          You should always check the time taken to solve every section, every question.

-          You should note down which questions took longer time.

-          You should always analyse which section was the most difficult and which section was the easiest one.

-          You should always check your accuracy level in every mock test against the number of questions attempted.

-          You also analyse the average time which you have spent in every section.

By doing so, you can come to know if you need more preparation. This is a very important tool to analyse your CAT preparation level. This all process polishes up your skills and gives an edge to whatever you have prepared so far. A standard mock test of CAT provides you a base for common admission exam questions. Your score of mock tests decides the next step of your preparation strategy as per your overall performance. A very important thing for every CAT aspirant is that if you are taking mock tests, then always given in time limit. As we all know CAT is all speed and accuracy based exam. And once you start taking mock test, always keep a track record. So maintain an excel sheet and keep on updating after very mock test you give. This way you will come to know your regular score and regular performance. So, just sit for mock tests and check your scores. Put extra effort on verbal activity section. Start analysing your performance of all the sections.

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