How to Choose a Career?

Nitin Rao updated on : 17 Feb 2016

There is great need of career counselling after 12th class for students to help them in picking up a dream career avenue.

Choosing a career is the most important as well as the toughest task in every student’s life. Where one perfect decision could elevate your career to the peak, a faulty one can land you in trouble. Hence, it is the most anxious situation where a student has to do an accurate assessment of his/her goals and ambitions and take a step ahead. If you are seeking for career guidance India, you are at the right platform. Here, we will suggest you how to choose a career and the points to keep in mind while opting for a dream job.

Since, the job opportunities are comparatively less than the number of aspirants in these days, students are often found searching some common phrases on the internet like Career Counselling India, Career Advice India, Career Guidance India etc.

In todays’ competitive world, it is quite important to get career counselling after 12th to get a strong base right after completing school.

There are some common and significant factors you must focus on at the time of choosing career:


Analyse Your Interests:

First and foremost step to make a right career choice is scrutinizing your personal interests that can help you in getting professional advantage. Evaluate your hobbies and examine if you can capitalise them to achieve a successful career.


Know Your Strengths and Skills:

Self-awareness is also a core aspect that you must focus on while selecting your profession. You must be aware with your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, students identify their passion and convert it into their profession without analysing their skills and end up getting nothing. So, it is essential to be familiar with your aptitude and inferiorities.


Acquaint Your Resources:

After the analysis of your interests and expertise, examine the opportunities you can have in a specific field you have picked up. Do a thorough research and collect information about openings and prospects.


Revaluate the Opportunities:

Once you shortlist a few options to select among multiple choices, reassess their careers and compare the opportunities you can get in the specific occupation.


Job Satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is the key aspect you must be aware of while stepping ahead into any field. You must enjoy your work to get accomplishment in any profession. So make sure whether the field you have chosen is really your cup of tea or not.


Career Counselling:

You can also take psychometric test to evaluate your abilities and personality types. There are various organizations which provide career counselling India.


A Sturdy Outcome:

When you reach the stage where you have finalised a single career option, seek out for the possible consequences you can end up with. You must be conscious with all the probable results of the track you selected.

There is only one person who knows you better than anyone and that is “You”. Consider all the opportunities and recourses first and then question yourself whether the achievements you are predicting give a satisfying career vision or not.


Jot down some question that can help you getting an ideal career. These could include:


What will I do if I don’t have work?


Which of my friend is in satisfying profession and why?


If I would ever get a chance to go back to school, what would I love to study?


If I would have a free weekend which I have to spend working on something, what would I choose?


When I stop working after some years, where would I love to see myself?


Once you’re done with questioning yourself, take a look over the answers you wrote on the paper. You would see a common theme you are willing to get into. It could be anything right from helping others to earning too much money to gain respect to be an eminent personality and so on.

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