How to Crack IIFT Exam 2018?

Rajat updated on : 12 Oct 2017

Every candidate who is planning to apply for IIFT should know how to crack IIFT entrance examination 2018. In this post, you will come to know some fundamental tips which are very helpful for preparation.

how to crack iift exam 2018?

IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) is all set to conduct its entrance examination for MBA IB 2018 on 3rd December 2018 . It is one of the most famous and among the difficult entrance examinations in the country.  This exam not only evaluates a candidate’s verbal and quantitative abilities but it also evaluates his/her management and leadership skills. It will check a candidate’s temperament, time management skills and multi – tasking ability. As not much time is left with the candidates, its high time when candidates should start preparing hard. Candidates should start concentrating on all the major topics and they should develop a strategic approach of IIFT preparation in order to crack the exam with good grades. Talking about how to crack IIFT exam 2018, the best strategy would be good strategy and best planning for the exam. Now the competition is really hard and mere passing out the examination won’t work out. It is very important to qualify IIFT exam 2018 with safe scores so that one can participate in the completion race. This exam is considered comparatively complicated. In this article, we will see IIFT preparation tips 2018 which will highlight all the main elements of the exam including its exam syllabus and its exam pattern, different approaches to solve the sections etc.

First of all let us discuss IIFT Exam Pattern 2018

As per IIFT exam pattern 2018, the exam will have multiple choice questions (MCQs). Let us see the exam pattern last year i.e. IIFT 2017

  •  The total number of questions was 123.
  •  There were 4 different sections in the exam.
  •  There were 20 questions in Quantitative Ability section and carried 1 mark.
  •  There were 22 questions in Data Interpretation section which carried 0.75 marks.
  •  There were 20 questions in Analytical and Logical Reasoning section which carried 1 mark.
  •  There were 20 questions in Verbal Ability section and it carried 0.75 marks.  
  •  There were 16 questions in Reading Comprehension section which carried 1 mark.

Main highlights of IIFT Exam Pattern

  •  It is a paper – pen based exam.
  •  Duration of exam is 120 minutes.
  •  Candidates need to answer in OMR sheet.
  •  There will be objective type questions.
  •  The number of questions should be 123 to 125

Now let us understand basics of IIFT Exam Pattern 2018 (expected)



Name of Sections

No. of Questions

Marks per Question

Total Marks

Section 1


General Awareness




Section 2

Part 1

Reading Comprehension




Part 2

English Usage




Section 3


Quantitative Ability




Section 4

Part 1

Logical Reasoning




Part 2

Data Interpretation








Topics and Subtopics covered in IIFT Syllabus 2018

Talking about exam syllabus of IIFT 2018, there are 4 major sections covered. These sections are further broken down into other topics. The main sub – topics are listed below:

  • English Comprehension – This section includes, punctuation, sentence correction, errors in word choice, antonyms, analogies, jumbled paragraphs (at least 4 our 5 sentences), verbal reasoning, contextual usage, fill in the blanks, syllogisms, passage comprehension etc.
  • Logical Reasoning – In this section, the topics covered are critical reasoning, visual reasoning, assumption – premise – conclusion, identify valid inferences, statements and conclusions, identifying strong arguments, weak arguments, puzzles, identifying probably true, statement and assumptions, family tree, matrix arrangement, coding and decoding symbol based problems etc.
  • General Knowledge and Awareness: Main topics covered in this section are current affairs, constitution, countries, awards and honors, famous personalities, sports, languages, major inventions and discoveries, geography, Indian history, world history, government policies etc.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Quant section is wide and covers many topics such as geometry, percentage, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, number system, harmonic mean, percentage, average, allegation and mixtures, number base system, time – speed – distance, time and work, geometric progression, set theory, mode – median, maxima and minima progression, installment payment, probability, vectors, Venn diagram, trigonometry, simple and compound interest, partnership etc.

First of all, let us discuss some basic tips to remember to crack IIFT exam 2018.

  • Accuracy and Speed: This exam emphasizes greatly on the core concepts based on speed along with good accuracy. IIFT expects the candidates to answer all the questions in the limited time frame. Candidates will get less than a minute to solve all the questions. Here, accuracy is the core element along with the speed. If any candidate answer any question incorrect, the institute will deduct 1/3rd marks.
  • IIFT Mock Tests: Candidate should start taking IIFT mock tests for better preparation after covering entire syllabus. Mock test analysis is a very important which should not be avoided in any case. This helps a lot in further improvement. Practicing old, previous years’ question papers of IIFT is also as important. Candidates should have idea of the actual exam setting.
  • Academic Profile: One benefit the candidate will get here is that IIFT doesn’t emphasize that much on the past academic performance of any candidate during the shortlisting process. Though, it will consider overall scores along with sectional cutoff.
  • Differential Marking Scheme: In the exam syllabus section above, we came to know that different sections have different marking scheme. Hence, candidates need to frame different strategies for different sections.
  • Exam Strategy: Success in any exam depends on the approach and strategies. And this exam is all about speed and accuracy. Hence it needs very constructive strategies. Start working on developing strategic action plans and always be prepared with a backup plan also.
  • IIFT Sectional Cutoff: Candidates are required to perform well in the sections. IIFT will consider sectional cut offs both at the time of shortlisting for admission at second stage and while preparing final merit list.  

Now let us discuss every sectional individually and know how to prepare for them to ace IIFT exam 2018.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

This section is found in almost all major MBA entrance examination in the country. This section requires regular practice as there are multiple sets in this section. Starting with previous year’s question papers is a good push which will enhance your confidence level. We have already mentioned the major topics covered in this section above. Start with a good book for IIFT preparation. Arun Sharma’s books are the best ones you can find in the market for IIFT preparation.

Data Interpretation section requires more and more practice. Chart questions such as pie chart or line chart are among the most common ones to be asked in the exam. But this doesn’t mean you will avoid other figure types. A regular practice will be the key to cope up with the questions of this section and will also help you in saving the time which is the most required. Practice the frequently asked questions. Shortcuts and tricks will help a lot.

LRDI Preparation Tips 2018

  • Practice questions which are based on figures such as bar graphs and pie charts.
  • Build strong understanding of line charts, combinations, data tables etc.
  • Put more focus on necessary data. Avoid wasting time in unnecessary calculations.  

General Awareness

General awareness section is very important. Among the very few entrance examinations where this section is included, IIFT will judge the general awareness of the candidates in this section. Talking about its difficulty level, this section always creates problem for the candidates. But this section can also help you score well and as the questions aren’t that much lengthy in this section, it also will save your time. Looking at the previous trends of IIFT exam, economics and business have consumed a big part of this section. Reading newspapers like The Hindu, on a regular basis everyday will not only help you in gaining your knowledge but will also help you in verbal ability and comprehension.

General Awareness Preparation Tips 2018

  • You should subscribe current affair journals.
  • Subscribing e – journals is also good for regular updates. (For eg. The Huffington Post)
  • ]You should read the editorial of the newspapers (The Hindu, Business Today, India Today, Economic Times), along with budget, government policies, corporate news etc.

Quantitative Ability

This section is generally contains questions based on mathematics. Very simple advice is to get practice formulae and shortcuts. You should start with the book Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Arihant. This book not only covers IIFT quant but quant section of all the major exams.  There are few topics whci are concept driven which can be solved by understand of the fundamentals. For example if there is a question on cyclic quadrilateral, you won’t be able to solve it if you don’t know the concept behind it. Hence preparation of core concepts is key strategy of this section.

Quant Ability Preparation Tips

  • Strength the basic concepts and fundamentals of Modern Math and Arithmetic.
  • Put extra focus on Geometry and Algebra.
  • Start practicing quadratic equations including HCF, LCM.  Concentrate on loss and discount, logarithms, probability, binomial theory, complex numbers, liner equations etc.

Verbal Ability

In this section, you will find two subsections – one is English usage and other is reading comprehension. Talking about the difficulty level of this section, reading comprehensions are considered to be highly time consuming and length. But you can develop shortcuts and tricks to swim across the sea and reach the shore easily. There you need to do time management as it is going to take little extra time. Regular practice of comprehensive practice will be a great help. English usage is generally based on the vocabulary. Keeping a good dictionary with you and doing word practice will be helpful. You should also read basic rules of grammar. In this section, you need to improve your reading speed and there will be at least three lengthy reading comprehensions.

Follow these simple tips to crack Verbal Ability section in IIFT 2018

  • Pay attention to every sentence you read. And read as much as you.
  • Build a strong vocabulary. This will help you in answering the questions easily.
  • Reading newspapers is also a great way of preparation. Make sure whatever you read, you retain the same. Newspapers like The Hindu, Economics Times etc. are good. You can also read online journals such the Huffington Post.

Apart from these basic steps which should be taken while preparing in order to crack IIFT exam, mock tests play a major role in preparation strategy. Mock tests will make highlight your strong and weak areas so that you can start working wherever you are lacking behind. Moreover, we discussed time management is a major factor of IIFT 2018 exam, mock tests in such context become very crucial. Taking mock tests will help you in strategizing better time management so that you can finish the exam in time.

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