How To Find A Good PG Near DU Campus?

Preeti Gupta updated on : 03 Aug 2017

Got admission at DU? Now comes the next challenge: to find a good PG near Delhi University campus. Here are some tips to make finding PG easier for students who are not from Delhi.

Tips to Find PG Near DU

Delhi University is one of the most reputed universities in India. Students from every corner of the country come here to pursue higher education and realize their dreams. Students apply for admission in various DU colleges in different campuses and wait for the cut-off lists to see their names. Once they qualify the cut-off list and complete admission process, they face another big challenge, which is to find a suitable accommodation. As there are limited DU colleges providing residential facilities, students are left with no other option than looking for PG outside. Sometimes it takes students weeks to find a perfect PG near Delhi University, which offers a perfect blend of a comfortable stay and complete security.

If you are worried about moving to a new city, don’t fret. Just go through the tips given here and find the best PG near DU college for students to enjoy life.

Tips to Find PG in Delhi University Area

Tips to Find PG Near DU

Decide the budget

When living in a PG, you don't just need to pay for the accommodation but also for other expenses. Hence, it is better to decide a budget in advance and look for a PG in the same budget. Try to keep expenses for house up to 40% of total monthly expenses you get from your parents.

Search online

Though there are local agents who can help you find PG in the desired area, their commission most of the times make it expensive for the students. In today's digital world where everything is available at fingertips, don’t waste time on visiting the agents. Give the internet preference and get the best deals. You can also take help of social media sites like Quora, Facebook groups etc. to get a recommendation from other students.

Nest Away is a good website where you can easily find suitable PG options in Delhi for Students. 

Carefully read the rent agreement

Pay close attention to the guidelines given by your landlord and read every clause in the rent agreement. Landlords usually set guidelines to ensure the safety of the students and it is your responsibility to abide by them.

Safety and security

As you need to live alone in the city, look for PGs in Delhi for students that ensure complete security. Some of the PGs in Delhi have access card entry, CCTV cameras, and security guards. Make sure you ask about all the security measures taken by the landlord to ensure the safety of the students.

Ask for the facilities

No one likes to change accommodation every now and then as it is really a time-consuming and tedious task. So it is better to find the best option for the first time. Ask about all the facilities provided by the landlord and match them with your checklist. There are some necessary and important facilities like Wi-Fi, the round-the-clock supply of water and electricity, quality of food, air-conditioner, security, laundry and provision for meals.

Good PG Options for Students in Different DU Campuses

PG Near DU Campus

PG in North Campus

Having a high population of students, PGs near DU North Campus are available in abundance. People staying in areas close to North Campus have either converted their homes into PGs or have constructed new structures with all the facilities students need.

Hudson Line, Jawahar Nagar, and Kamla Nagar are some of the areas in North Campus where you can find PGs from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. Those looking for an accommodation with just the basic amenities can also find a PG for Rs. 8,500.

PG in South Campus

Students who score admission in DU south campus relatively find it difficult to get a suitable PG in Delhi University. Landlords start getting a request for PGs and flats right from the declaration of DU first cut-off. Further, the increasing demand for accommodation and limited supply has caused a hike in rent. Students looking for PG near DU South Campus can find accommodation from Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 10,000 at Satya Niketan.

Boys getting admission in South Campus College in DU face more problems in finding a suitable PG as there are limited options for them. Most of the times they have to share flats with classmates in areas like Munirka, Vasant Vihar etc. where rent starts from Rs. 20,000 per month.

PG in Off Campus

With limited seats in North and South Campus, students have the option than applying for admission at DU off campus colleges. Increasing number of students taking admission at off campus colleges has also given rise to the demand for accommodation. There is good demand for PGs in areas near Delhi University like Subash Nagar, Dwarka, and Janakpuri.

Based on the area and quality of accommodation, students can find PGs at a cost ranging from Rs. 5,000 to 8,000 per month. Students staying in these areas can easily commute to their colleges via blue line.

Survival Tips for Students Living Away From Parents for the First Time:

Tips To Live in PG

  • Take a sauce pan from home to cook instant food items like noodles, rice etc. 
  • Lock everything to prevent it from getting lost when you are in college or out with friends.
  • Find a PG in Delhi for students that provide complete security through CCTV cameras as we all know the city is not that safe.
  • Make a habit of going Dutch to save money for the end of the month
  • With hike in metro fare, traveling by metro has also got expensive for the students. The better option to save both time and money is to find a PG near your college.

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