How to get those head turns in a college initially?

Preeti Gupta updated on : 25 Jul 2017

Are you wondering how to dress up for college? Get amazing dressing tips for both boys and girls to look best in college.

Dress Up for College

Finally the big day, you have been eagerly waiting for – the first day of college has arrived. With the beginning of academic session 2017-18 in Delhi University, students’ search for the best outfits has also started. No doubt the freedom from boring school uniform is a great relief, but at the same time choosing a dress for college is a big trouble. Not just the first day of college, students want to look good every day. In an environment where people are judged based on their outfits, students leave no stone unturned to look their best. There are many students who completely revamp their wardrobe and shop for the fashionable outfits from all the popular markets in Delhi. From Lajpat Nagar to Sarojini Nagar Market, Dilli Haat, Karol Bagh Market, and Sadar Bazaar, students explore all the available options to find dresses for their first week of college.

Well, it’s understood that you might be trying too many options and have many ideas in your mind, but making your mind on a single thing is little difficult. Don’t worry we are here to help you with some ideas that will help you create that much needed impression and get those head turns on the first day or in the days to come for that matter.

Common College Dressing Tips for Both Boys and Girls

Dress Up Well

Dressing up for the first day of college doesn’t mean going overboard. Find something that makes you look good without affecting your comfort level. Don’t wear something uncomfortable just to impress others. Instead of making you look good, it can make you a laughing stock.

Smell Good

Given the fact that DU colleges don’t have air conditioners, the only option for the students to avoid sweat smell is to apply some good fragrance. Choose the best fragrance which helps you smell good and feel confident.

Be Yourself

Carry yourself with confidence and this is possible only when you are in your own skin. So be yourself and wear that makes you feel good from inside.

College Dress Up Tips for Girls

Don’t Just Rely On Western Outfits

Fashion is not just limited to western outfits. Indian outfits like Kurta and leggings can also make you look beautiful when worn properly. You can create magic in traditional outfit by pairing it with some funky jewelry, designer footwear and not to mention a chic bag.

Blue Jeans

If you are not able to decide the right dress for college, just rely on classic blue jeans. These are the savior when you are not able to find the perfect dress. Just pair it with a top, kurti, tunic or a t-shirt and you are ready to enjoy your college days with classmates.

Try Mix and Match

You cannot buy complete market to have every type of outfit in your collection. But that also doesn’t mean you should repeat the limited number of clothes every now and then. You can create your own style statement and wear the same clothes without letting anyone know by pairing them differently every time. For instance, wear the same shirt with jeans, skirt or in layers to make it look different each time.


You can include some scarves in your collection to add drama to otherwise simple dresses. There are different ways to wear scarves, which you can easily find online.


Makeup is undoubtedly a necessity for girls, but make sure it is not overdone in the excitement of joining the college. Keep it subtle and sober to look like a student not like a model.

College Dress Up Tips for Boys

College Look For Boys

Looking best in college is not important only for girls. Boys also want to get noticed and try their best to wear the stylish outfit in college. Here are some college dress-up tips for boys as well.

Trendy Clothes

Keep an eye on the latest trends to pick colors and prints which are in fashion. You can easily get an idea of ongoing menswear fashion from different magazines or online stores.


Pairing cotton or Khadi kurta with jeans is a good option for boys. This is a comfortable and stylish outfit option for boys who want to look different from the crowd.

Seasonal Dressing

Keep the season in mind and choose outfit accordingly. But with this also keep in the mind that you are going to college. Summers and the hot season don't mean you will go to college wearing shorts.


Footwear plays a huge role in completing your outfit. You should be very careful about the footwear you wear to college. It should be comfortable, stylish and suitable with the outfit. For instance, you cannot wear sports shoes with kurta jeans.

Sweat Absorbent Clothes

While buying clothes for college keep in mind that this is summer season. If you don’t want to look like directly coming out of the gym, buy sweat absorbent fabric.


Though you are now free from the restrictions of school discipline, you still need to be careful with the hairstyle. Pick something which suits you and makes you look more handsome.

Whatever you wear, make sure you carry a smile on your face and confidence in your walk to get the perfect look. Use the tips given here and rock your campus look like a pro!

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