How IITs are Different from Other Engineering Colleges in India

Nidhi Mishra updated on : 29 Mar 2017

IITs are Different from Other Engineering Colleges

IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) are the top engineering colleges in India. The country has more than 20 IIT institutes that are eye candies for all engineering aspirants. Ask any of the aspirants and they will rank IITs on the top of their preference lists for doing B-Tech courses. There is hardly any argument related to the prestige of this engineering college. Do you wonder what makes it stand out in the crowd?

Well, IITs have a long tradition of imparting high-quality engineering education to their students. However, it does not mean that other institutions are low on quality education. It is more about the quality standards IITs have set against other colleges. As only the college alumni may have experienced what IITs feel like, let us tell you some points of differences that have made IITs supreme and the benchmark institutions to other engineering colleges.

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What All Makes IITs Stand Apart?

Just one factor like the provision of good facilities for students may never be enough to make an educational institute the best among the rest. It is the same when we talk about IITs. In fact, different IITs also vary in terms of their qualities and resultant rankings that make a few IIT colleges better than others. For example, IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, and IIT Kharagpur lead the group of IIT institutions.

Still, many other engineering colleges cannot beat any IIT, even if some people disregard the importance of studying from an IIT college. Since its establishment in 1951, IIT has been the Mecca of education for engineering students. Check out some major difference factors between IITs and other engineering colleges in India:

Factors differentiating IITs From Other Engineering Colleges in India

Evaluation Criterion


Other Engineering Institutes

Admission Process

Students are admitted based on a highly competitive exam called JEE.

Students are either admitted based on their scores on JEE or the college/state’s exam.

Instructional Methods

A set curriculum, but flexible instructional methods to impart high-quality, practical learning

Mostly theoretical learning based on a set curriculum

Industry Interaction and Research

Several opportunities for research and high industry exposure

Good industry exposure in some institutes, but not many research opportunities available


Industry gurus and highly esteemed faculty members

Highly experienced/qualified faculty

Alumni Network

A very strong alumni network of renowned achievers

A good to average alumni network

Student Placements

Almost 100% placements in the top companies nationally and internationally

100% placements in some colleges; average to good placement support in others

Overall Skill Development

Organisation of several educational activities/events

Major focus on engineering education

Course Fee

Varies from 90k to 2 L/annum

The fee may be less, the same, or more than IITs, depending on each college.

Infrastructure and Campus Life

World-class infrastructure and fun/relaxed environment

Striving to match IITs

Brand Value

High reputation due to a constantly maintained brand name

Some colleges like NITs and IISc (B) are good brands.

A Healthy Mix of Professional Knowledge and Technical Skills Education:

IITs vary significantly from other Indian engineering colleges, as they believe in imparting valuable knowledge to students that help them excel in their fields when they go out in the professional world. IIT has high brand value because it has never compromised on the delivery of high-quality education through in-depth teaching done by its renowned faculty members. Whether it is a first-year engineering class or a final-year session, the senior faculty at IIT teaches students at every level. This creates a strong bond between the faculty and students, which further leads to a supportive learning culture on the IIT campuses.

At IITs, the faculty members follow a set curriculum but do not stay stringent about it. As many of them are the top industry leaders and scientists, they possess a treasure of practical knowledge and experience to offer to students. Thus, they have the autonomy to support their lectures with real-life examples, activities, and experiences. This makes learning interesting as well as flexible. Students also receive practical knowledge through research projects, industry interaction at seminars and conferences, and hands-on training in the institute/industry. Thus, they are able to sharpen their technical and professional skills, which help them in excelling in the professional world after they pass out from IITs.

Disciplined yet Relaxed Culture and Campus Life:

Along with dynamic knowledge, IITs also offer a disciplined but supportive environment to students. This is hardly noticed in other engineering colleges in India. IITs are special, as they churn out special students with a multitude of talents. Starting from an entrance examination that is one of the toughest in the world to maintaining high attendance and study schedule, IITs encourage students to practice discipline at every phase of their campus life. However, it does not curtail fun and refreshment opportunities at IIT campuses. Students have the freedom to shape their life by participating in various events of interest.

With a wide range of facilities provided by IITs, students are able to develop skills of teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. They not only carve themselves to become great engineers but also good leaders. Ranging from mountaineering and creative tasks to fitness classes and festival celebrations, IITs offer every chance of personality development to its students. While most other engineering colleges give either good freedom or no freedom to students, IITs believe in striking a healthy balance of everything.

Strong Industry Networking and Placements Scenario:

As IIT faculty and alumni include many leaders from the professional world, students at any IIT campus get frequent opportunities to interact with the brightest of brains. They even get extensive peer group support during a variety of practical learning events. Thus, students not only end up with rich knowledge gain but also receive inspiration from high achievers. As IITs only admit the top meritorious students to polish them in a unique way, there is no doubt such students are ready to win over the professional world during placements.

IITs have almost 100% placements, with most students grabbing the cream jobs in the industry and receiving significantly high pay packages in comparison to their peers in other engineering colleges in India. In fact, a few engineering colleges, which are Tier-3/4 institutes may not even be able to offer decent placements to their students. Even Tier-2 and some Tier-1 colleges may not be able to match placement standards that IITs have set. You not only find IIT graduates in Fortune 500 firms but also as highly successful entrepreneurs. This is what displays the real difference between IITs and other colleges.

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