How to prepare for XAT 2018 in last one month.

Shreyasa Vijay updated on : 16 Nov 2017

Know the tips and tricks to crack XAT in last one month.

Know the tips and tricks to crack XAT in last one

How to Prepare for XAT in last one month – XAT 2018 will be conducted on January 7. Hardly two months are left for the exam and we hope that you must have started preparing for the test. It needs a lot of determination and hard work to prepare for an exam. When only one month to go for the exam and still a lot of stuff is left to cover yet, you should not waste your time anymore. Try to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. You should know your level in each section of the test. You can’t change a duck to a swan within 1 month. But you can improve your marks a lot. Candidates should clear all the basic concepts related to all the sections covered in the exam. In this article, we are providing you with the tips and tricks to prepare for XAT 2018 in 30 days.

How to Prepare for XAT 2018 in last one month?

Candidates should be confident about their preparations. You must be having this question in your mind that how to crack XAT 2018 in 30 days. Achieving any target is not difficult if you are ready to give your sincere efforts and invest proper time. This way, you can score well in XAT 2018 and get a good rank. Below are the tips which you should follow in the last month of the exam.

XAT Exam Pattern 2018

It is important to know the exam pattern before you start the preparation. XAT test pattern will help you to formulate the strategy to score well in the exam. The exam will be divided into two parts. You can check the exam pattern below:

Section Name

No. of Questions

Total Marks

Verbal and Logical Ability



Decision Making



Quantitative Ability (QA) and Data Interpretation (DI)



XAT Paper 2 will be comprised of two sections- General Knowledge and Essay Writing. GK section will have 25 sections and in the other section i.e. essay writing; a topic will be given to the students to write on.

Time Management

XAT preparation needs enough time. As mentioned above, there are 5 sections in XAT 2018. Among them, the quant section is the toughest and needs a lot of time to prepare for. Candidates who are going to appear in CAT 2017 will have sufficient time for XAT exam. So they can dedicate entire one month to XAT preparation.

Self Analysis

You must analyse your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Understand your physical state of mind and psychological factors. These things affect your preparation as everybody has the different temperament of study. One can study in the morning and the other one can feel energetic at night. It is necessary to understand that how you can utilise your time and when you can focus more on studies.

Divide the Syllabus

It is important to divide the syllabus and organize it efficiently. Distribute all the topics as per according to time. So that you can cover all the important sections. Section wise preparation will lead you to wrap up everything. Syllabus of XAT 2018 is given below:

  • Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA and DI) :Geometry, Mensuration – 2D and 3D, Probability, Algebra Functions, Profit and Loss, Interest, Percentage, Speed & Distance, Statistics, Table, Trigonometry, Graphs, Arithmetic, Heights and Distance, Mixtures, Direction, Time, Clock, Table, Combination
  • Decision Making: Pure Logic, Financial Issues, Managerial Issues, Ethical Dilemmas
  • Verbal and Logical Ability: Grammar, Para Completion, Vocabulary, Para Jumble, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Arguments
  • General Knowledge: Politics, Nation and states, History, Literature, Sports, Awards and Recognitions, Business, Economics, International Relations, Society, Merger and Acquisitions
  • Essay Writing

Make a 30 days strategy

We would suggest you make a 30 days strategy for XAT preparation. Divide each day of month into 4 slots of 2 to 3 hours each depending on your comfort, so that you can segregate your topics and methods of preparation, and emphasize on your priorities, strengthen what you excel at and improve on the skills that you lack.

Don’t miss GK Section

As mentioned earlier, General Knowledge is a vast section and requires regular reading. Hence, devote some time to reading and polishing your general knowledge. Try to club similar or overlapping topics coming under GK, for instance, Nation and states, and Politics and Business.  All these three topics have the overlapping concepts. It is thus advisable that you read up on similar topics rather than contrasting ones as it will help you logically link facts and names in a better manner.

Be Confident

Don’t lose hope and be confident. Being anxious will not help you and you will lose interest in studies. Always be positive. Apart from studies, try to take out some time to relax and do which gives you positivity.

Solve XAT mock test

You should take XAT mock test papers and solve it in one go as the real examination. This will boost your confidence and you will get to know your level. After completing the paper, take a break and start checking solutions. Learn from your mistakes and revise all the formulae.


You can’t revise the whole syllabus before the last month of XAT exam. You can revise all formulae which will help you in solving the problems. You must be familiar with all formulae. Revise the major concepts and definition. Read newspaper daily to improve your general knowledge.

Keep visiting this page to know latest tips and tricks to crack XAT in 1 month. In the case of any query or doubt regarding the tips to prepare for XAT in 30 days.

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