How to Prepare for XAT 2018 without coaching?

Rajat updated on : 04 Sep 2017

XAT is among the most difficult entrance examinations in India. Still, XAT aspirants can prepare for XAT without coaching. Read this article to know how?

How to Prepare for XAT without coaching?

Most of the candidates often join any tuition or coaching class for preparation of entrance examination. It has become a trend to go to any coaching institute to prepare for any examination. No doubt, if you join any coaching institute, you will surely get benefit as the coaching institutes prepare you for the examination. And that’s the reason; most of the XAT aspirants join coaching institutes to ace XAT.  But here the question is how to prepare for XAT without coaching? It’s not easy for everyone to join coaching classes. There can be so many reasons for not joining any coaching institute. There are working professionals who can’t attend any coaching classes due to their busy schedule. This article covers all the tips to crack XAT 2018 without any coaching institute. The basic thing for every XAT candidate to understand that it is not always necessary to join any coaching institute for clearing XAT examination. It’s more about your preparation strategy and approach to XAT.

Xavier Aptitude Test is among the hardest MBA entrance examinations of the country. XAT is conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur every year for admission management courses. There more than 150 colleges which accept XAT score. In order to excel in XAT 2018, the candidate needs to develop a strategic approach to crack XAT 2018 so that s/he can make it to XAT colleges. Here in this article, we will talk about whether it is necessary to attend any coaching classes to crack XAT. Well, you should know that it is not mandatory to attend coaching classes. Most many MBA aspirants have made it to top B – schools including IIMs without coaching institutes. Coaching classes can be heavy on your budget. We are not neglecting that coaching gives you no benefit, but you can crack XAT 2018 without coaching as well.

How to Prepare for XAT without Coaching?

As discussed above, there can be so many reasons for not joining a coaching institute. It is really hard for the working professional to attend a tuition class. For such students, self – preparation remains the best option. The tips below are very helpful for such candidates to crack XAT without any coaching institute.

  • As you are not attending any coaching institute, hence you need to put extra efforts. You need both inspiration and perspiration. Focus and motivation should be your key strategy to work on.
  • The syllabus that you need to pick, has to be very clear and particular, you need to be totally clear about XAT exam pattern.
  • Start working on your basic, fundamental concepts. These things can’t be avoided in any scenario.
  • You can form study groups with your friends who are also preparing for XAT 2018 examination. Along with them, you can discuss with your friends. Discussion can solve several problems.
  • Mock tests and sample papers are always a great help for you.
  • You should collect enough study material for your preparation. You can take help of your friends who are taking coaching from institutes; you can collect study material from them and can start working.
  • You can buy study material from coaching institutes. There are so many coaching institutes which sell XAT study material for students.
  • Internet is an amazing source of study. You can access huge amount of study material online. There are websites, blogs, YouTube channels which are giving free online XAT classes.

Make a Flowchart for XAT Preparation 2018

Collect some important study material which includes XAT sample papers, XAT question banks and XAT mock tests for preparation. For this, you should visit MBA preparation websites. There you can either get free study materials or you can get them on a small payment.

  • XAT contains quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, decision making, English language & logical reasoning, general knowledge. You should practice these sections every day. You should prepare one topic from each section every day.
  • You can start preparing with the sample papers of XAT.
  • You can follow these procedures regularly in a way to practice effectively.
  • These are the basic tips for you if you aren’t taking coaching for XAT. You have to be confident that you can not only crack XAT but you can even top XAT 2018 and that too without any professional coaching guidance. Some basic strategies to plan are mentioned below:
  • Don’t you ever miss reading. Reading newspapers, magazines etc. every day will help you in following ways
  1. vocab building
  2. enhancing language knowledge
  3. enhancing you general knowledge

Hence reading benefits you in so many ways. Make you own vocab of new words which you encounter while reading newspapers and articles. Use these words in in your general conversation to sharpen your vocab skills. Make flash – cards of these words and practice every night before you go to bed. Developing a habit of reading economics and business related journals and news will help you grab knowledge of current affairs. This will develop a sense of intuitive correctness of grammar which you need to utilize in reading comprehension section.

In order to maintain accuracy and speed, you need to practice at least 15 questions every day. You can even do more this. As it’s always expanding your limits to target to achieve something big and XAT is among the toughest entrance examinations of the country.  You need to trust yourself that nothing is unachievable in this world. As we are talking about cracking XAT without taking coaching classes, all you need to do is work hard and determine to achieve this.

Consistency and Self – Motivation

Self – motivation is the biggest tool to achieve anything. Your driving force should be the passion to win which will keep you consistent in your work, be it anything. When you prepare on your own, a big challenge which will have to face is lack of support from your guide/mentor. Though, there are people who have achieved their dreams without taking help from anyone individually. Hence, be consistent on your XAT preparation and be focussed on it.

Determination Can Move Mountains

Lack of motivation can be considered a big challenge while doing self-study. When you are taking coaching from any institute, you can easily keep a track of your preparation as per the schedule as there will be enough guidance from the faculty. Hence, here time management is a big step which a candidate needs to take. There are many candidates who have taken coaching for CAT and don’t plan to take any coaching further as most of the XAT syllabus is similar to CAT. Hence, it becomes an advantage for those students but continuing the preparation is an extra benefit even if the student has already taken coaching for MBA entrance examination.

Preparation Schedule

A well planned, preparation schedule is must. Without a proper XAT preparation schedule, it is really hard to plan everyday study. As we are talking here about self – preparation, hence you are your own guide. Thus, maintain your preparation plan and stick to it. Prepare an action plan for XAT preparation strategy as per your own comfort. Your self – study shouldn’t be less than seven hours a days. You need to make a preparation calendar since the beginning. You need to make preparation plan which will cover all of the topics and sections. Considering mock tests, sample papers and past tests, you need to make a complete strategy. And the big thing is to follow the preparation plan. You have to stick to it.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Practising XAT mock tests is highly important for every student who isn’t taking coaching classes for XAT. If you are missing out on XAT mock test, you need to sit back and re – plan your schedule. Mock tests and sample papers should be the backbone of your preparation strategy. Find out your weakness and work on them to eliminate. When you sit for mock test, you will clearly get to know where you are strong and where your weakness lies. And once you audit your performance, find out the ways to improve your mock test performance. Now once you come to know about your performance analysis, you need to practice accordingly. You should take at least two mock tests in a week. Later on, you can increase the number of mock tests from two to four or five.

Say Positive and Confident

The most important and crucial factor of your entire preparation plan is to have a positive outlook and always be confident. It’s okay that you are not taking coaching from any institute, but it doesn’t mean that you are less than those who are taking coaching. You should never underjudge yourself. Avoid any sort of negative thoughts. Yes you have competitors but you have to outshine them with your individual preparation and independent strength.  

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