How to Analyse CAT Mock Tests?

Rajat updated on : 12 Oct 2017

Your CAT preparation depends on your CAT mock tests practice. But just taking CAT mocks isn't sufficient. Read here how to analyse CAT mock tests and know how to prepare in better way.

How to analyse CAT mock tests?

Every IIM aspirant will have to admit that taking most tests is among the most crucial steps to be taken while preparing for Common Admission Test 2017. The most important reason of taking mock tests is to know your preparation, your strong and weak areas. Mock tests are generally planned and designed in such a way that they give you exact feeling of the real CAT exam. As the exam is very near and by now you too must have also realized the significance of taking mocks. Taking mock tests are like taking medicine in sickness. Everyone has their own strategies of excelling CAT. You can consider taking CAT mock tests a winning strategy in CAT. There are certain things which you need to take care such as number of mock tests you should take a week, what should be the frequency of taking mock tests? You also need to focus on the ways to analyze CAT mock tests to check the performance. In this article, we will answer all such questions and will discuss how to do analysis of mocks in CAT.

Let us first understand what does mock analysis mean?

When we say ‘analysis of CAT mocks’ we simply mean to say ‘targeting a particular score’, however the definition doesn’t just finish here. There are certain things to keep in mind while analyzing mocks such as finding out where you went wrong, at which point you spent more than required time, where should you focus more, how you should have started etc. These are few things which you always analyze after taking mocks for CAT.  

Analyzing mock tests is a very important part of self – evaluation which every candidate should perform. Hence let us have a look at the three major factors which you should focus on so that you can perform in a better way in the real exam:

How to analyse CAT mocks

  • Optimum Strategy: Another very important factor of Mock test analysis is optimum strategy. This involves several things such time management. There you will decide which questions should be selected at first and which questions should be picked up later.
  • Correct selection of Questions: This has to be very important and while doing CAT mock test analysis, you should focus on this part. Once you finish analyzing mocks, you will come to know that a simple question can take somewhat 30 seconds to solve, whereas for a difficult question, you may have to spend more than a minute and it can even reach to two to three minutes.
  • Stay calm during test: Staying calm and relaxed while taking test is very critical. There can be situation when the paper may not go as per your expectation which can result in a panic situation. For example, DILR section may come tougher and you may get panicked which can even hamper your performance in other sections. Hence just stay calm and don’t lose focus.

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As we know there only 60 minutes in every section due to sectional time limit, we can attempt the every section at least two rounds. Let us check different rounds of attempting sections.

  • In round one, just go through the questions; scan them, read them properly. At first, pick the direct questions and simple formula based problems. This means, solving a question in less than even a minute. If you can’t do that, jump to some other question.
  • In the second round, pick the questions with moderate difficult level. For such questions, divide time. Give a fixed time limit to every moderate question. For example, spend at least half hour in this stage. This round is highly focused on accuracy.
  • In round three, it is the time to pick the difficult questions.
  • In the round four, utilize your buffer time in revision and re – scanning the questions. 

Now let us see the step by step Approach to Analysis of CAT Mock Test

Now the time has come when you need to get pretty serious regarding your CAT preparation and mock test strategy. It’s better to develop your own strategy as per your convenience but at the same time, you shouldn’t avoid what experts and toppers have suggested.

Step 1: Prepare yourself for Mocks:

The first step is to prepare and sit for mocks.  Procrastination is as wrong as not preparing at all. Studying tomorrow means you are postponing something which is supposed to done today and tomorrow’s task on some other day. Hence, avoid doing this. Get rid of ‘Procrastination Syndrome’.

Step 2: Check Your Scores:

You can’t analyze mocks if you don’t bother about your previous scores. You need to keep checking your all scores of mock and you need to analyze the scores so that you can come to know where you lacked behind and what the scopes of improvements are.

Step 3:  Check you time, area and section wise performance:

It’s good to evaluate your performance in every way such as checking performance in the major areas and questions which consumed too much time. Also analyze the time you spend in reading comprehension section, as reading may consume enough time.

Step 4: Try to solve exam again:

Don’t just feel free after doing test once only. Try to solve it again and see the difference in time and performance as compared to the previous score. Try to avoid the mistake you did in your first attempt. This way you can evaluate yourself.

Step 5: Check the Solutions

After doing the test for two times, now you should go for checking the solutions. Find out the questions which you couldn’t solve. Try to develop another trick for this.

Step 6: Make your own cheat sheet:

Make a cheat sheet of your own depending on your performance in the test. You cheat sheet should include

  • Shortcut tricks and mathematics formulae
  • Techniques and trips of data interpretation
  • Rules of grammar usages
  • New words which you learn in the test

Step 7: Extra emphasis on VA section:

Verbal ability section should be given extra attention. Read different passages. Regularize your practice and preparation.

Step 8: Develop Next Mock test Strategy:

You should develop your next mock test strategy which has to be based on your current attempts which you did in the first mock test. Evaluate the performance in both the tests.

After all these steps to be followed, you should be ready for the next round of CAT mock test.
One major thing here is to analyze the mistakes you made in the test. Find out if the mistake was based on formula or it was a calculation – based error. Make a note and put the solutions. In the next round, avoid these mistakes. Mock test analysis doesn’t finish at just analyzing questions and strategies. But it is also about re – evaluation of your strategies which you adopt for solving questions correctly. For example, how can you solve a question in less possible time? If you are able to solve a question in three minutes, try to find out ways of solving it in less than two minutes.
When we say we have to analyze the mock test of CAT, we should have certain benchmarks for that process. A particular benchmark will assist you in setting up a goal so that you can get on with the tests. This goal will inspire you to move ahead with better performance. And with this process of mock analysis, you are going to increase your performance level and will also eliminate your weakness by practicing every topic in depth.

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