How to attempt CAT Mock Tests 2017?

Rajat updated on : 11 Oct 2017

CAT Mock tests are very important when it comes to CAT preparation. Regular practice of CAT mock tests 2017 will make you confident and will improve your skills. Read this post to know how to attempt CAT mock tests 2017?

How to take CAT Mock Tests 2018?

Common Admission Test is among the widely famous and one of the most important exams every MBA aspirant should take. CAT 2018 is around the corner. It is scheduled to be conducted by IIM Lucknow on 26th November 2017 all over the country. If you want to score good grades in CAT 2018, you need to practice mock tests as much as you can before you appear for the exam. And if you are a first time CAT taker, you need to be highly focused on CAT mock tests. The main objective of CAT mocks is to prepare you for the final exam.  Every year lakhs of students appear for this exam and only few thousands are able to make it to the admissions at IIM. The competition is really tough and the candidates are required to prepare really well, in order to get selected by the top B – schools for admission. In such scenario, apart from regular study and practice, CAT mocks strategize the action plan and preparation methodology. Before we even talk about CAT preparation strategy with help of mock tests, it is better to discuss how to attempt CAT mock tests. As for the candidates who taking the test for the first time, everything will be new and it will hard to understand the things without knowing what exactly is to be done?

What are CAT Mock Tests?

So, first thing is what are CAT mock tests? CAT mock are such words which every CAT aspirant is familiar with. There have been changes in strategies of cracking the CAT and the competition has been increased over the years. If we talk about 2005, around 1.75 lakh candidates applied for CAT and there were near about 90 B – schools which participated in this national level entrance exam. In 2008, the actual number of candidate who appeared in the exam was 2, 76,000. In such tough competition, candidates shouldn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to preparation for CAT. Preparing with the help of study materials and books is fine, but you need something extra. There should be something full – fledge testing tool which can stimulate your preparation strategy. And that’s how/when CAT mock tests come in the picture!

In simple terms mock means to imitate someone/something. You must have heard the word mock drill training which is a practice of something that can happen in coming so that we can deal with it easily in real.

Importance of Taking CAT Mock Tests

CAT mock has become household name to every CAT student. Taking CAT mocks is the main preparation strategy which every from follows. Practicing CAT mocks is like attempting unit tests or pre – board exams in school in order to prepare better for final board examinations. Those pre – boards’ tests would let us know our preparation level, our weakness and strengths. One the basis of pre – boards’ results we would sit back again to strategize and make some productive changes in our preparation methodology. In the same way, taking CAT mocks also give you an insight into the main exam. With the help of CAT mock tests, you can easily come to know that what the exam in real look like, you will come to know about the exam setting and paper structure and there are other lots of things to explore. The best way to develop strategy for CAT preparation is taking mock tests. And it’s not just about taking mock tests, analyzing CAT mock tests is also as important. With every analysis, you should come up with some refinements. This way, you can set parameters for your own preparation. And by setting up the targets, you can actually evaluate your preparation i.e. how much you have done and how much you need to do more.

Almost every CAT coaching institute is offering best mock tests for CAT aspirants which designed every year as per the latest exam pattern. Let us point some major importance of CAT mock tests.

  • The very first importance of CAT mocks is the self – analysis of your preparation. You can easily evaluate how much you have prepared and the level of your performance. You can always improve depending on your results.
  • The more you prepare, the better you get. Hence, taking mocks frequently will make you good at paper solving skills which are highly required at the time of actual exam. You can also learn how to encounter problems and do better time management.
  • With better CAT mocks, you will surely get confidence level increased. And with increased confidence level, you will have positive outlook which is required while facing any challenge.
  • Mocks are better than text books. It is good to prepare with books, they lay the foundation. But the mocks are your building blocks.

If you read the interviews of CAT toppers, every one of them will accept that taking CAT mocks should be the key strategy of preparation planning. Taking mocks will help you eliminate the mistake which you may repeat and these mistakes always hamper your performance. Hence with the mock preparation, you can easily get familiar with the real exam and you will also get to learn how to handle the exam pressure. Mock tests create the same environment of the exam, thus you will be comfortable the more you practice.

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As there will be sectional time limit of 60 minutes in CAT 2017, your major priority should be how to take CAT mocks in a strategic manner so that you can finish a section before the deadline. And with the help of mock tests, you will come to know your sectional preparation. In the words of Balkesh Narang who was CAT 2014 toppers,

Spend minimum possible time in preparing on concepts and start taking mock tests on a very regular basis. The pattern of the exam is similar to that of last years, so go familiarized with the format in best possible manner.”

You should always have a buffer time in your hands let’s say 15 minutes when you start preparation of CAT with mock tests. It will help you in managing time in a better way.

Lalit Kumar Prusty scored 98.42 percentile in CAT 2016. According to him, first time test taker candidates should prepare at early time in order to get all basic concepts cleared before moving to CAT mock tests.

Simple Steps - How to Take CAT Mock Tests?

For the candidates who have been preparing for long like for past one or two years, they must have been very familiar with the paper settings and how to take CAT mock tests. For someone who is very new to CAT mock tests, it can be little confusing. Therefore, we are demonstrating few ways of taking CAT mock tests. 

Before you start taking CAT mock, one of the most important things to ensure that you have completed your preparation.  It is not advisable to take CAT mocks without finishing entire CAT syllabus. If you have finished preparation, you should start with the revision. And that has to be done on a regular basis. Let us see some major steps to be taken to know how to take CAT mock tests.

1.       Authentication of the Source:

The first thing is to ensure whether the source of CAT mock test is authentic or not, from where you have got your mocks. Have you bought it from some coaching institute or bought it online? Have you downloaded free? Have some friend of yours given you the mocks? These are some questions which are raised when it comes to the authentication of CAT mocks. Hence, always go for the best and reliable sources. There are some coaching institutes which are famous for their CAT mock series such as Career Launcher, Pathfinder etc. You can buy mock tests from there. They have their academicians and experts who prepare mocks.

2.       Get Ready for Taking CAT Mocks:

Make sure that you are physically and mentally ready for taking CAT mocks. It is all up to you if you want to take offline mocks or online mocks. For online mocks, make sure you have a good desktop/laptop and a good speed internet. While you sit for taking mocks for CAT, make sure that there should be no technical glitch with the system.

3.       Start CAT Mock:

After following both the above mentioned points, it’s time to launch the mock test.  Note that the moment you launch the mock tests, the time tracker will be active and will start working. This way you will come to know how much time do you spend in different steps in the real exam?

4.       Read Question Paper Properly:

Don’t make haste. It is very important to sit with a peaceful and silent mind while taking the exam. If you don’t sit with peace of mind, you may end up attempting questions wrong and this will hamper your performance. Hence, the moment you get the paper on screen, start reading it carefully so that you can make a strategy plan for solving this paper.

5.       Time Management:

You can’t avoid. This factor is very crucial and you need to implement strategies for better time management in CAT. Now that there is sectional time limit in CAT, the challenge has got a new face. There you need to be strategic and need to plan your time so that you can attempt. Leave any question if you aren’t able to do, don’t spend too much time on it. Start with the easiest questions at first; this will also boost up your confidence level. (Click on the subhead to read the artilce on CAT time management).

These are the basics of how to take CAT mock tests for better preparation.  With the help of these simple steps, one who is new to CAT mocks will be able to attempt CAT mocks. Check out some Do’s and Don’ts for which should be followed while taking CAT mock tests.

Do’s of CAT Mock Tests 2017

The very first thing is to practice mocks as much as you can. Second thing is to take them with seriousness.

  • Focus on Intensity Building
  • You should ensure that you aren’t breaking your concentration. This has been observed that students usually forget building the intensity when it comes to CAT mocks as it becomes as routine task for the students.
  • Strategic Analysis

When it comes to analysis to depth, always go for a strategic approach. Check the following points for this:

  • How many times did you guess leading to an incorrect answer, how many times did you make a silly mistake or how many times were you stuck in any question? If you have made errors in your strong areas, you need to analyze why you have done so. It needs to be understood.
  • Find out at least four questions which consumed maximum of your time. Find out if you are picking right questions at first. Try to improve your question selection strategy. How many questions were there which you skipped but you could do them?

3.       Strategies should not be same all the time

Don’t go for same strategy all the time. The main motive of taking CAT mocks is to get familiarized with CAT exam pattern and structure. It depends on your regular practice and preparation. This also influences your section – selection approach i.e. when to pick Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension. Always keep at least two to three strategies with different approaches.

Don’ts of CAT Mocks 2017

  • Don’t become serious with percentile scores

The percentile scores which you will be getting in CAT mocks are just to tell you how much you have prepared. Hence, don’t get panicked with them. The statistics are very often misleading. Sometimes in CAT mocks, if you get good percentile, you will be in comfort zone that you have done best. Though mocks are replica of CAT but it is never 100% sure.

  •  Always try Mocks from different source

Never try CAT mocks from single source. Always go for different sources. Always carry a mixed bag. This will not only enhance your preparation but will also boost up your confidence level. Buy CAT mocks from different institutes. Borrow from friends. Download from different websites.

  •  Avoid taking 2 Mocks in a single day

It’s okay to prepare as much as you can but brain needs rest. Taking 2 mocks in a day will make you tired. Once you finish with first mock, start analyzing it rather than taking another mock. If you think that full length mock is also tiring for you, you can start with sectional tests.

Always remember that the same strategies may not work with others. What best works for you isn’t sure that the same will work for others and also in different situations. Therefore, you need to always bring adaptable changes in your strategy when you are taking mocks. If you are taking mocks without any strategic approach, you need to make some strategy to avoid time wastage. Else it will be like cutting a paper without sharpening your blade. This way, you will keep on doing the same mistake again and again and it also beats the main thrust of taking mocks.

At times, the reasons of poor performance in mocks aren’t just lack of knowledge but it can also be due to wrong approach to question – selection. You can easily hit 98 percentile if you pick few right questions. For this, the simple way is to asking yourself how many questions in every section have you attempted, which you shouldn’t have touched and how much question from each section you have left untouched which you could have done. There answer should be zero. With the help of CAT mocks, you will come to know which topics you have prepared well; the tests will reflect your expertise.

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