How to cope up with ragging?

Preeti Gupta updated on : 03 Aug 2017

Despite so many rules against ragging, it takes place in colleges. If you are also thinking about it and want some tips to cope up with ragging in college, check the article below.

Tips to Cope Up With Ragging

Being on the verge of beginning a new life altogether in college, trepidations are quite natural among students. Those passing from high school and getting ready to join college have fear of ragging in their minds making them anxious. Some freshers even avoid coming to college in initial days just to prevent them from ragging. Though there have been so many committees and anti-ragging guidelines cells in colleges for newcomers, the ghost of ragging keeps haunting the students. Although authorities in different professional colleges and Delhi University colleges take steps to curb ragging and call their campuses ragging free zone with zero tolerance, there is no denying the fact that it still takes place. However, the incidences and severity of ragging in colleges have gone down drastically.

Still, students who are going to start a new life in college look for tips to cope up with ragging. But before moving on to the tips to save you from ragging, let’s first understand a bit more about it.

What is ragging?

Basically, ragging is a social interaction between freshers and seniors to break the ice. There is a thin line between healthy and inhuman ragging and when the line is crossed it takes a violent turn. Ragging basically can be categorized into three broad types:

Social interaction: This is just an introduction round where seniors interact with the juniors and tell them about some rules like calling seniors ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’, wishing them, maintaining a dress code and not looking directly at seniors.

Ragging: The second type of ragging includes some coerced tasks drinking, smoking, approaching opposite sex and using abusive language. For some, it might be interesting and a way of getting freedom from childhood restrictions but for others, it might be an unethical practice.

Severe ragging: As the name suggests, this is ragging with no limits and the major cause behind most of the suicides by juniors in colleges. It can include anything from physical abuse imposed as punishment for violent assault. This mostly happens among boys who do this to prove their manly strength to the juniors.

If it is mild ragging with a formal introduction and some fun activities like dancing, singing etc. juniors also like it, but when it takes a turn of severe ragging just to humiliate juniors, it becomes essential for the authorities to curb it.

The impact of ragging on students:

As per a survey conducted to see the impact of ragging, the below mentioned figures were recorded.

Impact of ragging on academic performance


Loss of focus


Missed classes


Couldn’t complete assignment on time


Fall in grades




How to cope up with ragging in college?

Take advantage of the facilities provided by authorities

If you feel that seniors are crossing their limits and going beyond general introduction session, you can

  • Call the National anti-ragging helpline number 1800 180 5522
  • Call the Joint Control Rooms: North Campus – 27667221; South Campus – 24119832
  • Cal 100 to help female students in trouble
  • Drop a written complaint in college complaint box

Know people around

Being new in the college, you will have to take initiative yourself to know people around. Go and talk to other students to make new friends.

Walk in groups

If you are a shy person and scared of ragging, make a group and walk together. Seniors usually stay away from big groups due to fear of complaining as it may lead to cancellation of their admission. They can also be debarred from appearing in the exam if found guilty.

Leave the place

If you feel that some stupid and dumb seniors are spoiling the fun of healthy ragging just to prove their superiority, it is better to leave the room. Just make sure you take their permission and exit the place to avoid any problem.

Diplomatic answers

In initial days of college, you might also come across some seniors, mostly female who will ask you really strange questions like are women equal to men, should men beat women etc. In such a situation, it is better to give diplomatic answers.

Be confident

Remember that, in a new place, you are your best friend and you can only save yourself from problems. Be confident and don't allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Remember that nobody can rag you without your consent.

Refuse to obey them

If you come across some frustrated people who are hell bent on making others' life miserable, flatly deny them. They usually ask for nonsense activities like drinking, smoking, kissing the bulb or walking on the cornice. There are strict anti-ragging laws just to control such students. To escape the situation at the moment you might need to be polite but later you can complain against these students to protect other freshers from their torture.

Measures taken by DU to make campuses ragging-free:

  • Some colleges like Hans Raj College organized street plays to spread awareness on ragging
  • There will be two control rooms in North and South Campus to ease the induction process
  • The Delhi Police will deploy women police personnel in the varsity premise to put a check on eve-teasing
  • Police picket points will be provided in all the DU colleges
  • Electronic surveillance in ragging prone areas
  • Anti-ragging helpline has been started where students can report ragging by calling at 1800 180 5522

Though the college authorities and the police have taken steps to control ragging, as a responsible student you should also be careful about it. If you come across any incidence of severe ragging, report it to the officials or teachers immediately.

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