How To Effectively Manage Your College Time?

Preeti Gupta updated on : 04 Aug 2017

Time management for college students is really important, not just because it has direct relation with their studies but also because it affects their life. Here are some effective time management tips for college students.

College Time Management

“Time is what we want most, but use worst”, this goes perfectly well for most of us; especially college students. Classes, coaching, outing with friends and extracurricular activities, there are so many things college students need to do in limited time. To make most out of their student life, they need to have effective time management skills. If a student knows how to effectively manage college time to balance study and fun, chances of them getting academic success increase manifolds.

Initially, time management might be difficult for the students transitioning from high school to college as they need to learn tricks to manage life in a less scheduled environment. Just wishing for more hours cannot solve the problem; rather, you need to learn tricks to manage college time effectively. By figuring out your time needs and minimizing distraction, you can easily cope up with time management challenge in college.

With so many things to do in one day, strong effective college time management skills can do wonders for students. So here are some tips to help you effectively manage your college time.

1. Make a habit of using the calendar:

Though keeping a diary is anytime an ideal choice to keep track of things, you can also use your cell phone for the calendar. It reminds you of all the important things to ensure that you don’t miss anything. By noting down everything on the calendar, you can quickly glance through it to check when assignments, themes, reports and research papers are due.

2. Make a priority list:

Not every task is equally essential and you need to spend time on different activities according to their priority. So, prepare a weekly priority list at the beginning of every week to decide which task needs to be done first. If you need to prepare some assignment or need to work on the research paper, also include library time in your schedule. Also, categorize long term and short term assignments in the list for proper allocation of time as per your goals.

3. Create a daily to-do list:

Check your calendar every week and make a list of tasks that need to be completed every day. Further, classify them into need and want related tasks to decide which task needs to be accomplished first. This will help you track the success of your weekly goal achievement. You can prioritize tasks on the basis of high, medium and low priority.

4. Budgeting time:

Create a time table for every event like tests, projects, assignments and extracurricular activities. It helps you calculate the free time for other important or fun activities. Before making any commitment, you can just glance through your time table and decide the task accordingly.

5. Sleep well:

Yes, you read it right; we are talking about sleeping in time management tips for college students. If you party all night and don't sleep properly, you won't be able to focus on studies next day. You might miss some important things in lecture. To ensure that you stay active throughout the day without making any mistakes, it is mandatory to sleep well.

6. Give importance to each subject:

No matter how good you are at any subject, set time for each subject and project at your hand. Strike a right balance to ensure that you don't end up spending more time on one subject while completely sidelining the other one. Remember that you need to perform well in all subjects to pass the exams.

7. Utilize free time:

If you travel by public transport like metro or bus, you can utilize the traveling time by going through your notes. You can also download videos or audio lectures on different subjects and can listen to them when running, walking or jogging.

8. Make checklists:

Keeping a checklist for every class, each subject and each day of the month can be a good idea to ensure that you don't miss anything important. Strikeout or check the task when you are done with it. You can also download apps to your mobile phone to keep the checklist with you all the time. It helps you add some important tasks immediately and to see how much you are left to do in the time left with you.

9. Study in groups:

If you find studying alone draining and boring, you can form study groups. If you are staying in PG and share rooms with your classmate, it gets easier to study in groups. You can also study with friends in the library to save time wasted on understanding difficult topics. It can also help you save time on assignments.

10. Divide big projects into small parts:

Don't feel overwhelmed by big projects as it can lead to procrastination. Usually, college students find ways to procrastinate long research essays, but the fact is that these are essential for academic success. Students who successfully completed their college projects suggest that breaking large projects in small steps can actually make the process easier. For instance, if you need to submit a 20-page paper at the end of the semester, start working on it from the beginning and keep revising it occasionally. It will not only help you complete your project on time but also make it the best by proofreading it.

11. Leave scope for flexibility:

A college student should have flexible schedule to tackle unforeseen obstacles. You also need time to enjoy life for which you need to spare some time from your classes and studies.

12. Choose your job carefully:

If you want to work while pursuing your higher education, look for a job with flexible working hours. Job directly affects your study hours, but if you manage your work and college time effectively, you can succeed both in personal and professional life. When joining a job, update your manager in advance about offs or short leaves during exams. For instance, an evening job at a restaurant can be a good option for students who need to attend classes in morning.

13. Block distractions:

Social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter and messaging apps like WhatsApp have become a huge distraction for students. They spend more time on these channels than focusing on studies and assignment. Block out these distractions by turning off the notifications when in class. At times students don’t even get to know that they waste hours on just surfing social media. Don’t let these channels affect your productivity and precious time, which you can use for other important tasks.

To ensure that you enjoy every moment of your college life without wasting time, manage your time in a way that you own it rather it owns you. Be clear about your goals and how you want to achieve them to control time. Use the tips given above to manage every minute of your day effectively and save up time for enjoyment as well.

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