How to Obtain Good Score in MAT?

Shreyasa Vijay updated on : 02 Nov 2017

Check the tips and tricks to obtain good score in Management Aptitude Test (MAT 2017) on this page.

How to Obtain Good Score in MAT

How to Obtain Good Score in MAT 2017 – When Management Aptitude Test is just around the corner, candidates must be looking for the tips to get good score in the MAT December. As per the exam pattern, there will be 200 questions to solve in 150 minutes. Therefore, it is important for the candidates to assess their strength and weaknesses. To obtain good marks in MAT December, they must have the idea which topics should be put more importance upon and which are less significant.

Paper-based test is scheduled to be held on December 10 and Computer based test will be conducted on December 16, 2017. There will be 5 sections which will be covered in the test i.e. Language Comprehensions, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning and Indian & Global Environment. It is one of the most widely taken management exams. More than 600 b-schools accept the score of this test. In this article, we are providing you with the tips to obtain good score in MAT December 2017.

How to Obtain Good Score in MAT 2017?

To get good score in MAT 2017, candidates must prepare with proper strategy and planning. As it is said,’ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. There is huge syllabus to cover for the test and hardly one month is left in the exam. At this point of time, candidates should entirely focus on their preparation. Here we are providing you with some tips to crack MAT exam with good scores which candidates should follow to ace the exam.

Self Study

Self-study is a crucial factor to crack MAT. Candidates may also coaching classes as it will help them to clear their doubts regarding any topic. It will increase the chances of scoring good marks. According to the MAT toppers, self-study and coaching classes both act as the key factors in MAT preparation. Through coaching classes, you get to interact with people of the same mindset and with equal mental pressure. You can share your doubts and which will increase your confidence.

Clear the Basics

It is very important for all the MAT aspirants to clear their basic concepts. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to solve the questions. Refer to books for MAT preparation and clear your queries with the help of your teachers. In coaching institutes, you tend to come across formulas and new shortcuts to solve the questions.

Time Division

Dividing the equal time for each section will help you cover all the topics from each section. Solve the easiest first and later move on to difficult parts of the question paper. Try not to waste time on a single question or section if you get stuck. Read the questions carefully to avoid misconception. You should prioritize the attempting of questions.

Solve Mock Test Papers

Solving MAT mock tests and sample papers will help the students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. After clearing all your concepts, start solving mock tests and analyze them.  Writing mock tests will increase the speed of solving the questions and improve accuracy. It will help you know your temperament. Accuracy is the key to get successful in MAT exam and solving mock tests and sample papers will enhance your accuracy. Keep giving mock tests and convert your weaknesses into strengths.

Section Wise Preparation

You can divide the paper into three parts i.e. practice intensive, concept-driven and environment sensitive. Mathematical skills and language comprehensions will be included into concept driven section as it will need the clarity of concepts with respect to core fundamentals. Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Sufficiency and select areas of English Language Proficiency are practice intensive where rigorous practice across similar questions plays a key role; Indian & Global Environment is environment sensitive where awareness with respect to current affairs is important. From the observation of MAT results in the recent past, it can be said that a total of 80 answers (excluding GK score) with 80 percent accuracy can bring in a pretty good score. That stands to about a net score of 60-65 marks for an overall 95+ percentile. A net score of more than 82 marks (excluding GK score) is equivalent to an overall percentile of more than 99, while a net score more than 93 marks stand for a percentile of more than 99.9. Candidates can follow the below given time division, along with the target scores and the paper difficulty level, should give you adequate time to attempt a balanced number of questions from each section, with the possibility of the best percentile:

1.       Language Comprehension: 30-35 minutes (18 marks) -- Moderate

2.       Mathematical Skills: 35-40 minutes (13 marks) -- Difficult

3.       Data Analysis and Sufficiency: 35-40 minutes (17 marks) -- Moderate

4.       Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: 30-35 minutes (18 marks) -- Moderate

5.       Indian and Global Environment: 5 minutes (8 marks) -- Moderately Difficult

Understand the Exam Pattern

After getting the clear picture of the test pattern, it becomes easier for candidates to get the 90+ percentile. Every year thousands of aspirants take MAT entrance, still, they fail only as most of them do not understand the exact MAT exam pattern.  This exam is entirely based on objective type questions and candidate has to only choose the correct option. There will be a total of 200 questions which comes under 5 Sections. The duration of exam is 150 minutes and there are no limits for sections. That means a candidate can move back to any section and try to solve unattempted questions.

Target your Score

Before attempting MAT entrance, it is very important for an aspirant to target a score. For each correct answer candidate are awarded one mark and for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks get deducted. While targeting your own score they have to be very careful as if you have to get 95 percentile that means 95% of candidates must score less than you. And for that, you have to first attempt 4 sections that are Verbal Ability, Quantitative-Aptitude, Data Interpretation and data interpretation. Keep in your MAT score will be evaluated from 160 marks.

Set the Priority

Candidates should set their priority while solving the questions. There are some questions in MAT entrance which are of very easy or moderate level and they should solve those first. Question-solving strategies will help them in covering all the questions and hence scoring good score.  Like in Language Comprehension section out of 40 questions, 35 are of the moderate level and solving them within 30-35 minutes should be the trick of a serious MBA aspirant. Similarly, in Data Analysis section try to attempt 20 questions so that you can get good score. If you work out and solve this section no one can stop you from entering the Top B schools with your merit score.

Tips to score 90+percentile

Not everyone can score 90+ percentile in MAT entrance exam. Candidates will have to work very hard as well as smartly. Instead of trying to read everything, they have to arrange and handle with everything keeping time limit in mind. By following this rule, candidates can obtain more than 90+ percentile effortlessly.

Follow these tips to crack MAT with good score. Practice regularly and daily read newspaper to increase your language as well as general knowledge. Based on your MAT score, admission to MBA courses and colleges will be granted to the candidates. And if a candidate will score fair enough in written test of MAT then they can easily crack further admission rounds.

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