How to prepare for CAT 2017 without coaching?

Rajat updated on : 11 Sep 2017

CAT preparation is all about strategies and it can be done without coaching too. Check out how to prepare for CAT 2017 from home without any coaching?

CAT preparation without coaching

CAT Preparation with Coaching - Do you spend your whole day preparing for CAT? Do you study round the clock for CAT preparation? Have you joined a coaching Institue for CAT coaching? These are some questions which can be asked to any CAT aspirants. And many of them will reply YES! But this is not the only way to crack CAT. You don’t have to spend your whole time with CAT books and continuous studies. Also, it is not mandatory to join a coaching class. It is possible to crack CAT 2017 without coaching too. But, yes if you really feel the need to join classes, you should go ahead and join them. CAT preparation methods and strategies differ for every aspirant and one should opt for the one which is most apt for oneself. Self-practice at home can also help you in cracking Common Admission Test 2017. Students taking CAT coaching should also focus on self-practise as it is the best practice. 

How to prepare for CAT 2017 without coaching? 

Cracking CAT with a high percentile, among the top MBA entrance examinations of the country, is a dream for many students. Common admission test is a gateway to 20 IIMs and other reputed B-schools of India. That’s why; students spend days and nights to prepare for CAT. However, as per CAT toppers and experts, it’s not so much difficult and one can crack CAT 2017 from home easily. Now, how is that possible? They say it’s all about your CAT preparation strategy. It’s all about how you prepare for CAT. Students go to coaching institutes which provide tuitions for CAT and pay huge fee. But then there are students who want to stay at home and prepare for CAT. Several students prefer self-study but alone self – study won’t help. Strategy along with the self-help is something which students need to crack IIM entrance exam.

The key step in CAT 20017 preparation is to regular practice. Regular practice with proper analysis will help you the most. There are many things to take care while preparing for CAT from home. There are many ways which can help you build your action plan for cracking CAT 2017. These methods are highly productive and many CAT aspirants follow it.

-  Do you know CAT Exam pattern?

The very first step is to be aware of the complete exam pattern of common admission test.  Thus, you should have detailed knowledge of examination pattern. For this, it is advisable to cheek the previous year’s CAT exam papers. Once you understand the CAT syllabus, you can make an action plan accordingly. Common admission test for MBA in top business colleges has four major sections i.e. quantitative ability, data interpretation, logical reasoning and verbal ability.

-  Do you have right books to prepare for CAT?

Self-preparation for CAT 2017 greatly depends on the study material from which you are preparing. Right books with right strategy is a good action plan. There are students who don’t go to any coaching institute and still they crack CAT. Thus having right study material which is authentic, prepared by experts and is up to date, can be a good help.

Read best books to prepare for CAT

-  Do you take regular online CAT Mock Tests?

Among the most important steps while preparing for CAT is to take online mock tests regularly. After finishing basic preparation, the next step should be taking online CAT mock tests. This will give you a proper analysis of your CAT preparation. You will come to know how much you have prepared and how much is required more. Keep a track of your analysis and compare. Start by taking at least two mock tests in a week. Analysing your preparation on the basis of your mock test score is among the most important strategies while preparing for common admission test.

-  Do you have a CAT study group?

Studying alone sitting at home is a good thing, but studying in group is also important. Group study will give you new ideas, new ways of preparation. You can interact with others who are also preparing for CAT. You can share ideas and discuss on any problem or query. If there is any student in study group who is taking coaching from any institute, s/he can be a good help for those who are preparing for CAT from home.

-  Do you remain updated?

It is important to stay updated for all those who are preparing for CAT 2017 from home. Staying in touch with daily news will help you in preparing better. Reading newspapers and magazine on a regular basis can help you in your CAT preparation. Also, do check if the study material you have is updated and in easy to understand language.

-          Do you use internet for CAT preparation?

You can make good use of internet for CAT preparation. There are several good news and academic websites where you can find free study material. You can also take mock tests online. Also, you can join CAT study forums, social groups where students share their ideas and discuss.

Self-preparation for CAT involves lots of planning. Making a regular schedule can be a challenge. But a smart move can make a big change. Thus, being a CAT aspirant studying from home, one should prepare a schedule calendar with the entire action plan to be taken. This can include starting from basic preparation, which also includes studying the books of 8th, 9th and 10th classes of NCERT board, preparation of all major sections, mock tests etc. Studying the mentioned NCERT class books is as important as mock tests. Questions asked form these books may seem easy but they are tricky and needs lot of logical understanding. Also, one can even start taking online classes which have been provided by any coaching institutes.

It is good to make the preparation plan on the basis of your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, divide your time accordingly. After finishing every chapter, pick the previous years’ question papers and try solving the problems which are related to that chapter. This way, you will come to know how much you have done.

Now the time has come when you should start preparing as only few months are left for CAT 2017 examination. Your CAT score depends on how well you have prepared and how much is your expertise in every section. However, a proper preparation based on action plans has the potential to minimize the risks, thus following the action plan is vital factor. And this will surely help you cracking CAT while preparation from home. 

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