How would an Engineering graduation help your career soar up?


Making a successful career in the field of engineering would not be that difficult provided you consider some important pointers when choosing a college.

How would an Engineering graduation help

All though there are many engineering colleges in Delhi NCR, it is an evident fact that only a few colleges attract the huge organisations who offer placements in their esteemed firms depending on the curriculum, infrastructure, faculty, and the academic standard the related college provides. The demand for skilled engineers and production of mediocre engineers has led to a recession in India and abroad. The spurt of innumerable engineering colleges with meagre quality has lessened the value of engineering in the comprehensive scenario.

Since India is the foremost producer of good engineers for the entire world and for the fact that global community is ready to beacon Indian engineers with an attractive remuneration, the demand has elevated for the course. However, the lack of standards in colleges deteriorating the quality of education and knowledge in students has put the entire sector in jeopardy. Especially after a recession in the software field, the slowdown of engineering colleges has been more. The DPGITM has since contemplated on establishing a premium engineering college which can escalate the quality of produce to another level. This commitment had resulted in posting the college as the best placement college in Delhi NCR. Here are some of the traits that an engineering college should possess to excel in the field.

  • Best infrastructure: The engineering institute should have been set-up with all the necessary elements like decent classrooms, exclusive laboratory facilities for all the domains of engineering, computer labs with modern systems and configuration, sports zone, cafeteria, hotel facility, extracurricular activities etc.
  • The curriculum makes a difference: The institute should have the best curriculum to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge. The exposure to such a curriculum can formulate the best outcome from each student as it is designed in an easy and understanding way.
  • Seasoned faculty: The reputed faculty members are quite seasoned in the industry and are all professionals from their relevant background. They imbibe engineering principles in the most practical way and students are put in a good access to their professors to relieve their doubts in a user-friendly manner.
  • Inspiring environment: The College needs to be built in an inspiring environment for the students to learn perspective courses in the stipulated period. Emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities keeps them in good spirit with a continual zeal towards learning.
  • Placement Assurance: The enthusiasm the fortune 500 companies’ exhibit for the produce of this college has been amazing and the no of students getting selected in the campus placements can be considered as the testimonials for the performance of DPGITM.

Therefore, those who want to choose the best institute in the domain of engineering in Delhi NCR, Haryana and any other region for that matter should consider the pointers mentioned above.  Considering these, finding the best placement college in Delhi NCR or any other area of India would not be that difficult.

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