IBS Hyderabad Clubs Recruitment is in Progress

HTCampus Expert updated on : 22 Aug 2016

The applications are available on IBS Hyderabad Facebook page for the recruitment in various clubs in the campus.

IBS (ICFAI Business School) Hyderabad is accepting applications for various college clubs in the campus for the batch 2016-18. The recruitment has been going on from the month of July.
The college clubs always play a pivotal role on overall development of the students. Hence, in order to enhance the personal and academic development of students, IBS Hyderabad an IFHE Foundation has a number of clubs covering diverse interests, ranging from Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Theatre- drama, Sports & Fitness to operational clubs and many more. 
To list them down, there are around 30 student clubs exist at present in IBS Hyderabad. Each Club has something unique to offer.
They have their own mantra and are best in what they do. They always come up with innovative ways to spread knowledge and expertise within the students of the college. There’s a huge list of events organised daily. The clubs include:


These clubs not only helps the students to showcase their immense talents but also encourages to take initiatives in organizing events and set new standard of excellence. Clubs gives student an edge as they impart some skills that the course structure may not. These clubs provide opportunities to learn about themselves, their goals and strengths. 
These clubs them to work with diverse group of people. It also helps in building the network and provide valuable skills that will be beneficial in future career. Making through with the recruitment process is again not always a cake walk, everything is designed here with so much of sophistication. 
There are application forms available for the respective clubs on Facebook and in the form of Google forms with application deadline. The selection will be done through various interview rounds conducted by the institute.
Source: Varsha Singh, HTCampus Specialist 

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