IBS Hyderabad Hosts Guest Session on Six Ways to Brand Yourself

HTCampus Expert updated on : 01 Sep 2016

Mr. V. Pattabhi Ram, a writer delivered the speech on Six Ways to Brand Yourself at IBS Hyderabad recently.

IBS Business School, Hyderabad was delighted to have Mr. V. Pattabhi Ram – Co-founder: Yoganandh & Chartered Accountant and a writer for a Guest Lecture session. The guest session was organized by Club Maverick at IBS Hyderabad.
During his session, Mr. V. Pattabhi Ram enlightened and motivated the students to work for what doesn't let them sleep. “Motivation is, According to him, what gets you started. Be it meeting your daily monotonous errands or accomplishing an uphill task of your life, a little motivation never hurts”.
Mr. Pattabhi Ram shared his insights on how one should aim the goals of their life and accomplish them without deviating and being focused.
In his Lecture of about 90 minutes, he shared some real life situations as examples:
Set Goals and note it down on a paper –
An experience from Harvard Business School was shared where an accounting/ Finance Professor asked a class of 300 students to share who amongst them have set their life goals and written it on a paper? Only 9 students amongst the 300 raised their hand. After 30 years in an alumni meet the professor had a research and found that the net worth of each of the 9 students was higher than the total net worth combined of the remaining 291 students. Unless you set your goals and work upon it, you won’t be able to achieve.   
Do not get trapped- 
There was a small trick played by him to teach that we must not get trapped and act smartly in life. He had a 500 rupee note and auctioned it with the base price of INR 100 and asked students to start bidding with the multiples of 50, where the highest bidder would get the note and the second highest bidder had to pay his bid amount. The bidding started and went on till it reached 2500 as speaker encouraged the last second bidder to bid again or he would loose the amount he had bid in auction. One must not be greedy and should not get into trap easily.
Be focused-
Mr. Pattabhi said that one must always be focused as a small deviation could consume a lot of time and potential of work. An example – A student while studying gets distracted to use his mobile phone for 30 seconds or so but to get back to his subject he needs 10  more minutes as he/ she has lost the concentration and focus of the subject matter. One must not be distracted to digital environment or any such things while working or studying. 
Fair practice –
In every phase of life a person should be fair to his part as cheating will never lead an individual to success. The live example he remembered and shared was about a 9 year old kid who was shopping in a book store, where at the time of billing there was a power failure and the accountant had to prepare the invoice manually. The accountant was repeatedly committing mistakes and the boy was alerting him again and again that he is going wrong and that the bill would be higher than what he actually billed. One must always be fair and true to his part.
Be patient – 
We were thought that, we must have patience and we should not judge things too early. This lesson’s live example was from a video of ‘Master Speed painter – D. Westry’ who was painting for one minute thirty seconds in a competition and jury could not recognize what he was painting. After, completing the time when the painter turned his painting, it was recognized as a painting of public figure. So, one should not judge things too early and have patience.
Gratitude – 
The most important lesson was about gratitude and gratefulness. Everyone in every part of life have someone who have helped him to take a step of success be it his parents, teacher, friends or even a stranger, we must not forget their part of contribution and always praise for their participation. An example of Dr. Howard Kelly who was once fed by a young lady a glass of milk when he was hungry and 30 years later when Dr. Howard Kelly realized that this lady had to undergo an major operation, he immediately agreed for the same as he was the only specialist for that operation and paid her complete bill of operation and all other expenses till she was discharged.  
These were the precious insights shared by Mr. Pattabhi Ram on branding oneself successfully. He also shared the importance of reading books and asked to read the following books which could really inspire and motivate one’s self esteem.
The elephant and the Dragon – By Robyn Meredith
Freedom at midnight- By Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierrie
Ticking Times. An Accountant and a Gentleman – By V. Pattabhi Ram
Source: Maverick IBS, HTCampus Specialist 

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