IBS Hyderabad Spectates the Best Ever Cricket Match ‘the Mad Match’

HTCampus Expert updated on : 01 Sep 2016

VAPS the cricket wing of IBS Hyderabad hosted an exciting cricket match having its social clubs Maverick and Admire to compete for each other.

August 29th was perhaps one of the most happening days of IBS Hyderabad. One could feel just by stepping in that the atmosphere surrounding this B-School was nothing like the everyday jostles. 

IBS Hyderabad is a multi-diverse consortium wherein other than education, students can indulge themselves into club works and the college has 34 of them. Amidst this are Maverick and Admire. Maverick happens to be the Official Marketing & Strategy Club while Admire concentrates on Branding & Advertising. Both focus their propositions uniquely on the same domain and hence a fierce yet healthy competition arises. 


Coming back to the game, Team VAPS which is the sports wing of the college held a cricket match wherein these two titans came face to face for a game like never before. It was Blue Vs Red as Maverick and Admire are associated with these two colours respectively.
So, what’s so special about this game? The catch is, Maverick has been triumphing victorious for a few years now and Admire for obvious reasons has been fuming ever since and waiting for one opportunity to defeat this Team Blue. This year the competition was much more exhilarating as according to sources, both the teams were at par with each other.
Preparation were full swing as Maverick was gearing up for keeping the title for themselves whereas Admire was ready to win it this time. Team members put on that extra effort post classes and worked blood and sweat to bring home what’s rightfully theirs. 
Coming to the ‘D-day’, the entire campus by then was eagerly waiting to catch hold of the match. The campus and its alleys beamed with the Mad Match posters and hoardings and everybody was anticipating what all is going to get unfolded later that day.
Both the clubs had a set of senior MBA students and junior MBA students. The tradition is that the seniors play against each other while the juniors provide moral and mental support by loud cheers and extravagant support. Accordingly, they all gathered at the event armed with visible passion, all ready to take the winning crown home.
Pitch was set, umpires were ready and the floodlights were turned on. Its game time. Mavericks had won the toss and they chose to bowl. The first innings went decent as expected as Admire’s batting line up was commendable. They managed to score 100 out of 12 overs with the loss of 4 wickets. Maverick’s fielding on the other hand was crazy. As if players flew in thin air out of the sheer enthusiasm they had. Commentary was conducted in the background by Team VAPS which was literally subdued by the amount of decibel the cheering crowd generated. 
It was time for the second innings and everybody held to their breaths with one question plaguing them, is history going to repeat itself? Mavericks were on the ground, showering sixes and fours here and there. Admire’s bowling line-up though tried hard still failed to grasp the match for themselves. 
The last over and Maverick needed 6 runs out of 6 balls. The excitement and thrill was no less than an India vs Pakistan match. The first ball turned out to be a wide and the crowd couldn’t hold on to its seats anymore. The Maverick juniors were almost crashing into the field as they could no longer wait to taste victory. The second ball was a four and that too a magnificent one. By this time ADmire hopes were crushed, as they knew today was not theirs anymore. 
With immense tenacity, though the last ball was bowled but even before it hit the ground it went straight, uninterrupted towards the boundary and the winning run was made. The entire team and junior crowd broke all boundaries and ran into the field to cheer their knights who yet again have managed to bring the glory home. Team Maverick have won again and recorded itself forever in the hall of fame. 
Team Admire and VAPS were praised for putting up an amazing event. The day which everyone was waiting for came to an end and without much awe the team in blue took their crown jewel to where it belonged. The lights went out on the field but in the hearts of the Maverick a lamp was forever lit. 
Source: Maverick IBS


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