IBS Hyderabad Organises Game of Deceit, a Stress Buster for the Students

HTCampus Expert updated on : 21 Sep 2016

Club Maverick, IBS Hyderabad organised an event entitled ‘Game of Deceit’

To heal the exam fever and placement stress for the second year peeps, IBS Business School, Hyderabad organised an exciting event. Club Maverick, the official marketing club, decided to organize a stress buster event themed Detective. The name of the event was “Game of Deceit” and it was as interesting as the name sounds. The game had 3 rounds, the first round had a story of a murder and the contestants were supposed to find out the murderer with the clues given in the story. Though not all the teams were able to solve it and were eliminated after the first round, they surely enjoyed the game.
The second round was not just detective based but also had a mix of marketing substance in it. It had a few riddles, related to murder mysteries, and with each correct solution that the contestant gave, they could unlock a certain colour. After unlocking a few colours, they now had to identify different brands’ logos and then judge accordingly the ratio of colours in them.
Third and the final round was also based on solving a murder mystery only, this time, contestants were to solve as well as find the clues for themselves and thereby reach to the next clue. Clues were hidden around the campus. Although the weather did create a bit of a problem, as it was raining since morning, team Maverick escorted the contestants quite well and had their final winning team who was awarded a coupon of Myles car rental service.
Offline Promotion
As to getting students aware of the event which was going to happen, club Maverick organized a promotional activity prior to the day of the actual event. It was grand, as always. This activity took place in the most crowded area of the campus so gathering students was not a task. Along with MBA even B.Tech and BBA students came and participated. 
There were two physical games. In one of the games, the player had to target the villain’s moving picture among the pictures of detectives and cartoons with a ball in 3 given chances. The other game was all about strategy. On a board, it had 2 small fans on the side and in the centre there was a tunnel. Participants have to pass a small tennis ball from within the tunnel by a fan which they had in their hand. Many people liked the games’ concept and were excited for the club’s event. Even the student coordinator, Mr. Ravish Kutty, attended this promotional activity and appreciated it.
Source: Maverick, IBS Hyderabad 

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