IFIM Launches its Industry Internship Program

Sarika Rana updated on : 01 Dec 2016

This 4 ½-month industry internship enables learners to gain ‘laboratory’ experience and ‘learn by doing’ in a real work environment. Read on to know more!

IFIM Launches its Industry Internship Program

College students have been the beneficiaries of internships not only in India but across the world too. Internships could be a gateway to full-time jobs and to help evaluate and identify the field of their interest. By working in an organization, students gain practical knowledge that enables them to prepare for the real world. However, a mere internship of one month does not always fit the bill. In addition, not being able to complete the internship due to lack of time off from college affects the ability to find employment.

To tackle this problem, IFIM Business School launched their own program called the Industry Internship Program. A conventional summer internship model does not deliver the desired outcome thus this program has been incorporated into the curriculum, which carries 20 credits.

According to Dr. Nitin Balwani, Dean- Planning & Development, IFIM Business School, “There is twofold advantage of IFIM’s unique IIP program over summer internships that includes duration (4 ½ months instead of 2 months and schedule (end of course rather than middle of course). IIP enjoys the advantage of a student going to do an internship after he has mastered the courseware and is ready to apply it.”

The learners through the IIP are able to gain experience in industries varying from financial services to automobiles to pharmaceuticals. In the previous year, more than 50% learners received job offers after the completion of their internship. “Organizations love it as it allows them to have students that they can gainfully utilize in higher end complex assignments over a longer duration rather than using them in small projects, which they end up giving to students who have not completed their courseware. Hence, IIP results in far more PPOs than summer internships,” says Dr. Nitin.

This 4 ½-month industry internship enables learners to gain ‘laboratory’ experience and ‘learn by doing’ in a real work environment.

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