IIFT Preparation Tips 2018

Rajat updated on : 21 Aug 2017

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is among the most prestigious MBA institutes of India. Here are some very effective IIFT preparation tips which every candidate should follow to crack IIFT MBA IB exam.

IIFT Preparation Tips
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade organises an exam every year for admission to its MBA in International Business. This MBA entrance exam is among the most famous entrance examinations in the country. This exam is somewhat different from other similar exams for MBA entrances. Its exam  pattern and syllabus pattern, its evaluation strategies, marking criteria etc. makes it different from other exams such as CAT, MAT, CMAT etc. For all those who are planning to take this exam, there certain tricks and tips which everyone needs to follow so that they can reach to high score and secure their admissions in IIFT. We have mentioned IIFT preparation tips here for the students who are preparing for this exam. 
IIFT exam is compared to CAT in terms of its difficulty levels. Moreover, preparation of IIFT MBA IB requires different strategies as there is difference between the exam patterns of both. Hence, before you start IIFT preparation, it is advisable first to go through the examination pattern of IIFT. There will be objective questions and total time given will be two hours

Exam Pattern of IIFT MBA IB

Logical Reasoning: This section will have questions on, argument analysis, explanation questions, analytical and reasoning etc. 
English Comprehension: This section IIFT MBA IB exam will check the interpretative and comprehension abilities of the students in English language including grammar and language usage in terms of business. 
General Knowledge and Awareness: This section is there in the exam to check your general awareness. This section is wide and can include several topics from history, geography, economic, current affairs, politics etc. 
Quantitative Analysis: Quant section is to check the mathematic and calculation skills of the candidates. This will include basic Maths, Elementary, Linear, Algebra, Mensuration etc. 

Preparation Strategies for IIFT MBA IB 

Improve your speed
Speed can be a challenge in IIFT 2018 examination. It is a game of speed along with accuracy. If you are well prepared but you are too slow, you won’t be able to secure you admission in IIFT. Hence, you should practice every day so that you can increase your speed. IIFT has total questions around 120 to 130, which is around 60 in case of CAT. Quant section in IIFT exam is really time consuming and problematic. However, you can learn tricks and short cuts for mathematics problems, but again you need good speed so that you can pace up with the time limit of the exam. This is among the best IIFT preparation tips which we recommend you.
Enhance your General Knowledge
General Knowledge is very wide section and there is no definite structure of this section. Hence you are required to read as much as you can here with variety of study materials for IIFT exam. There can be at least 15 to 20 questions in this section. Staying updated every day, reading newspapers and editorials, reading good GK books, watching news etc. can be a great help for preparation of this MBA entrance examination. 
Improve you vocabulary
IIFT MBA IB exam has English comprehension section where you will find good number of questions that will check your vocabulary. Hence, you are required to pay extra attention here. Using flash cards, word meaning games etc. can help you sharpen your vocab skills. You should keep looking for new words and use them in your schedule so that those words can fit into your language vocab data easily. And you should also make sentences with these words. This is the best way to prepare for vocab section in IIFT. 

Section – wise Preparation tips for IIFT MBA IB

Reading Comprehension 

  • Developing a reading habit on a regular basis can really make big changes. Reading newspapers, editorial sections, columns and articles can lead to better grasp over language. Doing so will develop your RC skills. You will for sure encounter some words which aren’t in your knowledge, hence note that word in your diary and find its meaning. Now try making sentences using that word. This way that word will set fit in your language data of your brain. Follow this strategy every day and at the end of day, evaluate your performance. And by the end of the month, you will have good number of such words. 
  • You should not spend time in just reading it then keeping in your memory. Its better you start with the questions and proceed for reading the paragraph. The moment you find the answer of any question, answer it from there and move ahead. 
  • You should always check your speed while reading the passage and while writing too. The more you move up with IIFT exam preparation, this should not increase. This will also increase your confidence. 

Verbal Ability 

  • The questions in the section might appear easier but you will get confused. Hence don’t hurry. 
  • For this section too, you should use the diary/notebook you prepared while preparing for reading comprehension section. 
  • Those words for sure will help you improving your vocab and word meaning will help you in solving different topics such synonyms, antonyms, analogy etc. 
  • Best way to prepare is practising previous years’ IIFT question papers. 

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation 

  • This section requires you to be quick and accurate. Hence accuracy and speed are two pillars of this section. 
  • A big portion of this section is calculation based. So if you are good at calculation that too with accuracy and speed, you will surely marvel at this section. 
  • For calculation portion you should try solving sample papers of IIFT. Question bank of IIFT and IIFT mock tests will help you in advance. Remember, the more you do your practice, the more are your chances of solving questions accurately in given time. 
  • Practice Vedic Math for improving your mathematical skills. 
  • Quantitative Analysis 
  • In this section also, you will need mathematical skills. For this, you should read the maths syllabus of 10th, 11th and 12th classes. Take previous years’ question papers, sample paper, mock tests etc. for better understanding. 
  • There is no definite structure of this exam; hence you need to practice more and more. Be prepared all the topics as much as you can. 

General Knowledge 

  • This section can be a game changer. The big challenge is you can’t prepare it in some time limit as it is very vast topic. And for this you need to prepare it every day regularly. 
  • If you have habit of reading newspapers, magazines, this is your plus point. 
  • If you don’t read, start reading newspapers, columns, online journals in your mobile phone etc.

Some good books for IIFT 2018 MBA IB preparation 

  • Quantum CAT 
  • Target IIFT published by Disha Publications 
  • Success Master published by Arihant Publications 
  • IIFT Mock Tests are available in market by IIFT institute 
  • Study Package for IIFT prepared by Arihant Publications. 
We have discussed the complete strategic planning of IIFT MBA preparation. You can score good grades in this exam for MBA admission. If you are already preparing for other MBA entrance examinations such as XAT or CAT, you will get extra benefit from the preparation. You can easily crack IIFT MAB IB exam using these strategies. IIFT exam can become an easy affair for you with these simple IIFT preparation tips and tricks. These IIFT preparation tips will not only help you with IIFT exam but also for other MBA entrance examinations conducted in India

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