IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018-20

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IIM Bangalore 2018-2020 Admission Policy released. Insights into IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018 here. CAT 2017 aspirants interested in taking admission to IIM Bangalore can check these admission norms.

IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria

IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018 – The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has released the admission policy for admission to the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) for the batch 2018-20. Selection of the candidate will be made on the basis of past academic performance, CAT score, performance in the interview and prior work experience. This year, 40% weightage will be given to CAT 2017 score and 60% weightage will be given to other attributes. CAT 2017 is scheduled to be held on November 26, 2017 and its result will be declared tentatively in the second week of January 2018. Thereafter, IIM Bangalore will shortlist the eligible candidates after taking into consideration the minimum CAT 2017 cutoff. The Institute will release the preliminary Personal Interview (PI) shortlist in the mid of January 2018. The IIM Bangalore PI shortlist 2018-20 will be made available on the official website of the Institute in the form of admission status of the candidates. Also, for the convenience of the candidates, a link to check the IIM Bangalore admission status 2018 will be provided here on this page. Keep reading further for details on IIM Bangalore eligibility criteria 2018 and admission norms.

IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018-20

IIM Bangalore at a glance

  • Intake for 2018-20 batch – Approx. 400
  • Programme Offered - PGP
  • Exam score to be accepted - CAT 2017
  • Course Fee – Rs. 18.7 Lakh 

IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018-20

Multiple criteria are used to arrive at a composite score for every candidate, which is used to select candidates for the subsequent stage. IIM Bangalore adopts a two-phase selection procedure, wherein the first phase process is applied to all eligible candidates who appeared for CAT 2017 for shortlisting qualifying candidates for personal interview (PI).

After being shortlisted in the 1st phase, the candidates are asked to write a short note in 30 minutes on a topic given to them. These topics are often recent political, sports, arts, culture, economic and business affairs. In the second/final phase then, the scores obtained by the candidates in short note and PI are compiled along with the pre-PI selection criteria and admission is granted to successful candidates.

The Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria are detailed below.

IIM Bangalore Admission – Phase 1

Every year, the minimum CAT cutoff is released and its basis, the first shortlisting is prepared. However, the candidates must note that the actual IIM Bangalore Cutoff 2017 will be much higher that this minimum percentile. It is important for all the candidates to secure this much percentile to be considered for the first shortlisting. The CAT score alone will be used for the first shortlisting. The candidates who will have a positive (greater than zero) raw score in all sections of the CAT 2017 will only be considered.

IIM Bangalore Admission Policy 2018 - Minimum CAT Cutoff

Below is the table furnishing the minimum CAT 2016 percentile based on which the PI 1st shortlist for 2018-19 will be prepared. The CAT cutoff of last year is being followed this year too.

Minimum CAT percentile requirement for IIM Bangalore 1st shortlisting


Section 1 (VARC)

Section 2 (DILR)

Section 3 (QA)



























The candidates must note that 40% weightage will be given to the score of CAT 2017, the section-wise segregation of which is as follow –



Quantitative Aptitude (QA)


Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)


Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC) -


IIM Bangalore Admission Norms - Factors based on which 1st PI shortlist is prepared

The weighted total of the following six components is used to prepare a pre-PI rank list for calling candidates for the PI –

(a) Work experience or professional course

(b) CAT score/percentile

(c) 10th board

(d) 12th board

(e) Graduation

(f) Gender diversity

IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018- Academic Profile Weightage

In total 50% weightage will be given to the academic profile of the candidates. The distribution of which is as follow –

Marks of Class 10


Marks of Class 12


Marks of Bachelor’s Degree


  • For all candidates in the first shortlist, the percentage scores in Xth and XIIth board exams are initially adjusted by dividing each such score by the 90th percentile score obtained in that board. The database of 10th and 12th scores of all CAT applicants of the past two years is used for identifying the 90th percentile score for each 10th and 12th board for this purpose.
  • The final scores obtained by the candidate are used for the graduation degree and professional degree. Incomplete or intermediate scores are considered only if the candidate’s final score is pending. These graduation scores are then adjusted within their respective categories, which will give the adjusted score for the bachelor’s degree for all the candidates in the first shortlist.
  • Also, the candidates having CA/ICWA/CS certifications are eligible for weight under professional course and the score given to these candidates is also standardized in the first shortlist.

Other attributes – IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018

Gender Diversity


Work Experience


IIM Bangalore 2018 Admission Criteria - Work Experience

The score/weight for work experience is calculated as follow –

Pre PI score for Work Experience = 8x/36 if 0 < x < 36            
                                                       = 8 if x >= 36

Where x is the months of work experience calculated up to July 2017. This implies that the score will peak at 36 months’ work experience and will remain at that level for candidates with work experience exceeding 36 months. The work experience score (maximum 8 in the pre-PI stage) will be multiplied by the quality of work experience score on a 5 point scale (0.25 – 0.5 – 1 – 1.5 -2) as given by interviewers in the PI process in Phase 2 to give a maximum score of 10 for work experience.

IIM Bangalore Admission Policy 2018 - Gender Diversity

A woman candidate will be awarded an additional 2% weightage at the 1st stage shortlisting process. This weightage will be confined only for 1st stage shortlisting.

Key Notes - IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018-20

For all candidates in the 1st shortlist -

  1. The top 10 candidates in each of the following – total score in CAT, adjusted Graduation and Professional score will automatically qualify for PI. These candidates are given a chance to appear in PI due to their exceptional performance in these categories. However, at the end of Phase 2, all such candidates are selected on the basis of merit at an identical level of composite aggregate score like any other candidate.
  2. Normalization or standardization in any component stated above is carried out as per the formula, Max [0, min {wt, wt/2 + ((val-mean) / sd) * wt / 6}], where standardized score is shortened between 0 and weight (wt) is computed from the raw score (val).

IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria 2018 – Phase 2

The short note is required to be written by the candidates in this phase and the performance of candidates in this note will be scored in terms of content and style. Thereafter personal interview is conducted for each candidate. The average of the scores given by the interviewers will be considered, while for the note content and note style, the scores given by an independent evaluator will be considered in Personal Interview. The average quality of work experience score will be multiplied by the pre-PI work experience score and accordingly the work / professional experience component score (maximum score 5) used in Phase 1 will be revised in Phase 2 (maximum score 10).

WAT score

Weight - 10

PI Score

Weight - 30

The WAT score and the personal interview score, after standardization across interview panels and sessions, will be added to the following scores to arrive at the final aggregate score  -

CAT Score

Weight – 25

10th Board

Weight – 10

12th Board

Weight – 5


Weight - 10

Weighted Work Experience

Weight - 1


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