IIMs on a Pursuit to Make Education Inclusive

Sarika Rana updated on : 23 Sep 2016

With so many students from different background, IIMs do not want to give an advantage to one. IIMs are aiming at making the curriculum inclusive, so that all students perform better. Read to know more.

IIMs making education inclusive

IIMs consist of students from different backgrounds including engineering, commerce, humanities, arts, law and medical. The diversity in these institutes and difference in academic backgrounds of the students is a hurdle when it comes to understanding of the subjects.

The postgraduate programmes in management cover a range of courses including communication, human resources, economics, operations, finance, statistics, etc. All the students are free to choose the specialization of their choice. However, there comes a problem when all the students are from different backgrounds and might not have basics clear as compared to others. Therefore, IIMs focus on making the curriculum easy, like in the first year, engineers will find quantitative techniques easier and others might find it difficult to grasp. In the next year, Business policies, strategy, business environment might be a little tough for engineers and the reverse for non-engineers. The aim is not to let the students feel left out because of their education backgrounds.

To ensure that students in all IIMs are able to grasp and learn better, many institutes are actually going an extra mile to work it out for them. IIM Trichy offers tutorials in quantitative methods as well as finance and accounting courses to all those students who need extra support and do not have their basics in place. Similarly, IIM Udaipur, right after the admissions, encourages students to take a short mathematics online course on the institute’s website. This way the institute ensures that, everyone from different academic background have their basics brushed up and revised before stepping into the new session.

Some IIMs like IIM Ranchi have not made it mandatory to clear all the subjects. Suppose, a student scores a D grade in up to four papers and still manages to get the minimum CGPA in aggregate, it is acceptable.

Steps that help

IIMs are doing their best to make it easy for all the students and not give advantage to just one. Students are given extra classes in subjects like accounting, statistics for all non-commerce categories, as these subjects are technical and need an understanding of the basics. There are specially designed revision courses for students before their sessions start in IIM, helping them update their knowledge and basics.


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