IIT Directors Agree to Disagree with MHRD’s Proposals for Non-residential Students

Snigdha updated on : 19 Oct 2016

The directors of several IITs have declined the idea of admitting non-residential students to B.Tech courses citing student welfare reasons.

IIT Directors Agree to Disagree with MHRD

Several IIT directors have turned down the suggestion of Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry to admit more of non-residential students to four-year B.Tech courses. The management, however, is open to having non-residential students at postgraduate and PhD level. 

As per reports, the suggestion is considered a threat to the current character of IITs, as it is important for students to instil the spirit of staying at campus and be a part of it. One of the IIT directors was quoted as saying, “IIT is also about larger environment of free debate and liberal atmosphere”.

The suggestion was made in lieu of the recent proposal made by HRD Ministry that requires IITs to increase seats from 72000 to 1 lakh by 2020.

In a meeting held by IIT Council last month, few directors welcomed the suggestion but its acceptance was left on the internal governing body of the respective IIT.

Most of the IIT senates refused the suggestion, as the institute will have to get involved in the well-being of students, whether they live on campus or outside. Also, it would be difficult for students studying at IITs that are located in far-flung areas to find rented accommodation.

Bringing in a solution, an IIT chairperson has suggested IITs to outsource the hostel maintenance to an outside agency that will charge students at market price. The fee amount paid by the agency can be utilized to subsidize the hostel charges of needy students.

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