IIT Kgp – Manchester University to jointly develop world class Health Informatics Course

Aakanksha Sarda updated on : 10 Nov 2017

Kolkata IIT Kharagpur and Manchester University are aiming to develop a world-class Health Informatics course for working professionals. The MoU was signed this year in June.

IIT Kgp - Health Informatics Course

Kolkata IIT Kharagpur has tied-up with University of Manchester (UoM) to develop a world-class programme for working professionals in the field of Health Informatics. The two educational institutions had signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this year in June.

On November 3 and 4, a team of eight professors and administrators from UoM led by the Associate Vice President, Prof. Stephen Flint, had visited IIT Kharagpur. The teams from both institutions held a series of discussions for conducting joint research and technology projects and international academic programmes in scientific, technical and other related areas.

“The two institutions will work towards developing a course for working professionals in the field of Health Informatics”, an IIT Kgp spokesperson said. He further added that the joint research projects are being considered in biomedical informatics, smart textiles, advanced materials and earth-environment-water sciences. This initiative will be one of its kind in India.

Prof Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, Dean, Alumni Affairs and International Relations at IIT Kgp said that these enhanced exchanges between IIT Kgp and the UoM will not only help develop research programmes that will have a global impact but also provide students with an opportunity to avail world-class training programmes.

These research and technology projects might get support through funding from Newton Bhabha Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund. The two teams also discussed opportunities for International Master’s Courses and PhD Programmes.

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