IIT Madras Tops Patents list, IIT Kharagpur Leads in Research Publications

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 19 Sep 2016

IIT Madras leads the way with maximum patents filed; IIT Kharagpur has maximum research publications and IIT Bombay tops the list for the maximum number of research fellows. Read on to know more.

Image Source: iitb.ac.in

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras tops the list of the number of patents compared to all the other IITs in the country. The excellent research ecosystem and robustness at the institute is clearly visible from the 248 patent applications filed by IIT Madras, of which 13 are approved.

In terms of patents, IIT Bombay is not far away with 10 approved patent applications. A staggering 453 patent applications have been filed till date by the 16 IITs in the country.

Although when it comes to research publications, IIT Kharagpur tops the list with 4719 research publications to its credit. It is closely followed by IIT Bombay with a total of 4488 research publications. The 16 IITs have a total of 25164 research publications under their belt.

However, IIT Bombay is the leader when it comes to the number of research fellows at the IITs. It has a total of 9117 research fellows, followed by IIT Roorkee at the second place with 4062 research fellows and IIT Kharagpur at third place with 3640 research fellows. It is shocking, though, that IIT Madras is far behind on this list with only 187 research fellows.

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