IIT Madras Websites Hacked, Displays Pro-Pak Messages!

Sarika Rana updated on : 02 Jan 2017

Official websites of various departments in IIT Madras were hacked; however, the main website of IIT-M was left untouched. Find out more!

IIT Madras Websites Hacked

Recently, Indian Institute of Madras’ websites were hacked; the alleged group hacking the websites is named ‘Faisal 1337x’. The sources and place from where it was hacked has not been found yet. The pages are now restored and are working as usual now.

It is also believed that official websites of various departments in IIT-M were hacked; however, the main website, www.iitm.ac.in  was left untouched. The sites that were hacked included sites with content on announcements of conferences to be organized by the institute, six department websites, five centres of excellence sites and five other miscellaneous sites.

The group/individual who hacked the websites had put up content including

1. ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘You do not know the power of Pakistan hackers’
2. The website also posted a picture of the infamous joker from the Batman movie Dark Knight in the disguise of McDonald’s Ronald McDonald.

IIT Madras Placement 2016

This year, with the recruitment season ongoing, Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are witnessing some changes in the recruiters. For a long time, blue chip companies, investment firms and startups were always on the top of the charts in the phase I of placements; however, this time IITs have seen a whopping increase in the number of academic institutes visiting the campuses.

In case of IIT-Madras, a fixed number has not been emerged as of now; however, the actual figures will be released by May-June 2017. According to the IIT-M, these institutes are generally interested in research scholars.

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