IITs to be Opened to Nepal Students

Sarika Rana updated on : 07 Nov 2016

In order to reach out to the younger generations of Nepal, India has opened gates of IITs to the Nepalese students. Read on!

IITs to be Opened to Nepal Students

Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, has announced that from the year 2017, Nepalese students will be able to compete for the seats in IITs.  This step has been taken to encourage academic and student exchange programmes that have been a part of bilateral ties between India and Nepal. India also aims at helping Nepal with developing its human resources. Nepalese students will have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Indian Institute of Technology on a regular basis. IIT aspirants will have the option to write their exam in Kathmandu.

This step will open gates to more talented and deserving students to come on board. Now all the IITs will open their entrance examinations to Nepalese aspirants. India will be granting around 3000 scholarships to Nepalese students every year, providing opportunities to study in Nepal and India. It already offers more than 250 scholarships annually for government and non-government employees of Nepal for training in technical institutes in India.
India’s step towards is a welcome change and the younger generation of South Asia should have more opportunities in education, technology, health and employment generation.

Nepal and India have always indulged in enlightening leadership, regular consultations, open dialogue, mutual trust and goodwill. Both the countries share objectives of peace, stability and development in their respective regions.

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