IITs Finding it Difficult to Accommodate UG Students, Research Scholars

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 24 Aug 2016

IIT Bombay asks PhD scholars to vacate hostels due to the scarcity of space. Read here to know more.

To accommodate undergraduate students last month, IIT Bombay asked several PhD scholars staying in the hostels for over five years, which is the designated time to complete their research work, to vacate due to inadequate space in the hostels.

According to the public relations officer at IIT Bombay, the situation is said to improve with the completion of new hostels. However, insufficient infrastructure has become a major task for IITs to accommodate research scholars and new students under one roof.

In most IITs, the research scholars are provided with an extension to stay based on their cases. The institutes agree that the duration of a PhD and the research work cannot be predicted. It may vary from three years to eight years, or even more, whereas the institute scholarship is paid only for a period of five years. This pressurises the researchers to finish early and vacate the accommodation.

Professor Timothy Gonsalves, director of IIT Mandi, explains that when there are insufficient rooms, about 18% of the researchers volunteer to stay outside. In addition to their stipend, they are provided with house rent allowance.

The research scholars are more mature and work dedicatedly towards their research work and therefore opt to stay outside during crunch times. The residential nature of B.Tech is an important part of the curriculum for undergraduate students.

The students, who pay the semester fee at IIT Kharagpur, can stay in the hostel for the whole semester, without any consideration to their thesis being submitted or not. For those who submit the thesis after the time-frame of five years and it is yet to be accepted, a three-month fellowship is offered and they are provided accommodation in the guest room of the same hostel.

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