India Needs Well Defined Internet Governance to Attract Investment- Workshop at Mangalayatan University, Aligarh

HTCampus Expert updated on : 09 Nov 2015

Dr. Govind, President, Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter addressed a workshop in Mangalayatan University on November 5

‘Internet has become a critical part of infrastructure in knowledge based society. We need a well defined internet governance to attract investment. As India has largest base on internet users, it can play an important role in internet governance eco system’, said Dr. Govind, President, Internet Society (ISOC) India, Delhi Chapter. Dr. Govind was addressing a workshop on ‘Internet Governance-Opportunities and Challenges’ organized by Computer Applications Department, Mangalayatan University.

Dr. Govind, President, Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter addressing a workshop in Mangalayatan University

Dr. Govind defined digital governance and explained the various ways to achieve it. ‘To fulfill the vision of digital India, we need digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, governance and services on demand and digital empowerment of citizens. Government has already taken a number of measures to achieve these goals’, he added.

Guest of Honour in the workshop Shri Praveen Misra, Scientist and HOD (IPv6), National Research and Education Network of India highlighted the growing influence of internet on daily life. ‘In 1977 there were 111 hosts on the internet. In 2015 this number has increased many folds and reached at 3.2 billion. With new generation is adopting intelligent technology more conveniently, we are expecting many more hosts on the internet, that’s why world needs IP version 6’, he said.

Shri Misra explained different dimensions on the new version as it has expanded address space, more attractive for future internet applications, socio-economic benefits and enhanced life mobility. He termed it as most important factor in dividing the digital gap in the society.

Prof. G.S. Agrawal and Wing Cdr. Manoj Kumar also participated in the Workshop.

Source: Rajat Varshney, HTCampus Specialist

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