Indian Research Scholar Wins German Green Talent Award

Aditi Gupta updated on : 04 Nov 2016

Young Indian Research scholar from Singapore has recently been awarded the German Green Talent Award for his innovative work. Read more.

Shamik Chowdhary, a-29-year old Indian Research Scholar who is pursuing his Ph.D in Environmental Engineering from the National University of Singapore, has won the German Green Talent Award. He is among the 25 scholars who were awarded for their inventive green ideas by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The scholars were selected for Green Talent - International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development because of their exceptional work in their respective fields. Shamik Chowdhary was selected because of his interdisciplinary research work combining cleaner production, urban sustainability, resource efficiency and eco-innovation. Chowdhary wishes to create renewable living based on green technologies to promote a sustainable city life.

He was able to impress the jury because of his innovative approach with the aim to create advancing sustainability. His research focuses on Green synthesis of 2D graphene nanosheets (thinnest two-dimensional material) and their self-assembly into advance 3D macrostructures for sustainable development.

Green Talent Award

It is one of the most recognized young talent award handed over to young talented leaders, and it provides a platform for everyone to share their creative ideas and innovations. Under the support of German Research Minister Professor Johanna Wanka, for the eighth time German Green Talent Award was held as the most recognized award.

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