Interaction Session Held at IIM Amritsar

HTCampus Expert updated on : 02 Aug 2016

Mr. Om P. Manchanda, CEO, Dr. Lal Path Labs interacted with the PGP batch of IIM Amritsar.

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Amritsar had an interactive session with Mr. Om P. Manchanda, CEO, Dr. Lal Path Labs. Mr Manchanda, an IIM Ahmedabad alumni, was the first guest to interact with the Post Graduate Programme batch, a young enthusiastic batch of 106 students. 
He started his talks talking about Entrepreneurship and the challenges faced. He also discussed his initial experiences working for Hindustan Unilever, Mosanto India and then changing his domain to pharmacy and healthcare with Ranbaxy and the Dr Lal’s.
He enlightened the students to start their career in their areas of interest and one must even try to get out of their comfort zones with time facing some challenges, as success comes with facing challenges even of the highest order. He talked about how Organisational Behaviour which plays the more important role above the other specific fields, as most of the issues at the top are HR related issues.
The emphasised on how choosing the right direction is the most important, even above the distance covered and that life always gives one, the opportunity to change the direction, but it must be aligned with what one wants.
In the fast age, he emphasised on the importance of being patient, as many start on their paths, but many give up in the intermediate phases, at times even before just the last step of success.
Moreover, he also emphasised that one must realise his dreams in life, before regretting in the real phases.
Summing up he said that there are four main points of focus in today’s world, firstly by making the right choice and secondly by making it work. Thir, he focussed on developing the right support system, which can be in the form of seniors, mentors and even parents. Lastly, he focussed on to have desires in life as it is what keeps you going in life.
Source: Aditya Kumar Yadav, HTCampus Specialist 

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