Interview with Rameshwar M Paswan, founder of Startup Entrepreneurs

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Mr. Paswan is an Indian, based in Norway and founder of Startup Entrepreneurs, a club for startups, students and experienced professionals

The Asian Entrepreneur interviewed Rameshwar M Paswan, founder of Startup Entrepreneurs, a club for startups, students and experienced professionals to offer all possible help. Mr. Paswan is an Indian, based in Norway. His first venture Petroleumsoft AS, is a technology company based in Norway.
He interacted with Asian Entrepreneur, stating the insights about his venture, challenges and future plans. Here we present the interview session with Rameshwar M Paswan. Here we at HTC presenting the formal chitchat with this entrepreneur.
Please tell us about yourself?
My name is Rameshwar M Paswan, I am an entrepreneur based in Norway. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati in 2006. I have entrepreneurship diploma from Babson College, USA. I have been an entrepreneur since 2009. I have a number of initiatives and learnt many hard and soft lessons about startups and startup challenges. Based on our experiences, challenges and learning, we took an initiative to support back startups to boost startup ecosystem. 
What is Startup Entrepreneurs?
Startup Entrepreneurs is a club for startups, students and experienced professionals. The club assists startups and students with entrepreneurial goal with mentorship, network, finance and workspace. We have a pool of experienced professionals globally who are keen to support startups as their mentor. The goal of the club is to combine the experience of professionals with passion of startups entrepreneurs to create maximum value. We aim to create a strong ecosystem for startups to grow and succeed. You can certainly check more about our club at our website 
What make you to setup Startup Entrepreneurship?
As I mentioned, I went through numerous ups and down through my startups in my early startup phase. I got assistance from experienced professionals, who helped me being my mentor, advisors, board member and partners.  These professionals somehow liked my passion and attitude towards business and life in general; and supported me with my ventures. Without taking any equity or fee for their services, they supported my initiatives. I owe them a lot for their supports in my difficult times.  I always wanted to give back to startup community in the same way as I received from my mentors, and advisors. 
In addition, I always remember an interview of Steve Jobs, where he quoted, “I’ve always found something to be very true, and most people don’t get those experiences because they never ask. I’ve never found anybody that didn’t want to help me if I asked them for help.”
Therefore there are professionals who are ready to help and associate with startups. However there is no platform, which connect these professionals with startups and students. At Startup Entrepreneurs, we receive large number of requests from experienced professionals globally to offer their support in this great cause and offer their hand to mentor startups.  We work towards connecting right experienced professional with right startups to create maximum value for startups. In addition, suitable workspace, finance and network are equally important support for startups, which we offer at Startup Entrepreneurs. 
What supports Startup Entrepreneurs offer to startups?
Startup Entrepreneurs offers all possible supports essential for startup to sustain, grow and succeed. To be specific, we say that we assist startups with network, mentorship, finance and workspace. However our offerings are not limited to these four areas and will supports by means to strengthen the chance of success of innovative startups. 
Most of our mentors have over ten years of experience in industry, research and administration. We connect startups with mentors so that we can combine passion and energy of startups with experience of professionals. We offer excellent workspace to startups to provide peaceful and professional work environment required to focus on their entrepreneurial goal. We assist startups with the concept of self-finance where entrepreneurs can work in single umbrella as a company on consultancy projects and generate revenue for them to sustain financially. We also prepare and connect startups with right investment firms and individuals for investment purpose. We assist startups to network with right mentors, co-founder, clients and business partners. 
In totality, we assist startups when they really need supports. We support them more from inside than outside. We encourage, mentor and assist them to boost their energy to keep going with their entrepreneurial journey. We share our knowledge, experience and network to assist startups and students with entrepreneurial goal. We assist them starting with formation of company to branding, marketing and building business around their business idea.  
We organize events such as startup weekend, and startup meet etc. We organize lectures for the benefits of startups and students. These events allow startups and students to mingle with other professionals and even find their business partner and mentors. 
Why do you think Startup Entrepreneurs is different than other incubators or accelerators?
There are a number of competitive advantages or uniqueness of Startup Entrepreneurs in compared with other incubators and accelerators. Startup Entrepreneurs is rather a club comprised of startups, students and experienced professionals rather than simply an incubation center. It works more like a dynamic and vibrant club rather than a traditional incubation center. It allows startup entrepreneurs and students to engage with experienced professionals and learn from their knowledge and experiences. There are three major differences or competitive advantage of our club compared to existing incubators or accelerators:
  • We don’t take any equity in startups for our support services
  • We offer networking, mentorship and self-finance services for Free.
  • And the third and the most important differentiator is that we offer more an inside support than outside support as offered by traditional incubation center. We try to understand and analyse the challenges of startups and offer them support where they need as their team member rather than outsider. 
What are the challenges you face or facing to build a brand of Startup Entrepreneur?
I think we have great start with Startup Entrepreneurs. Several professionals have supported us globally. Professionals with the background of administration, research and entrepreneurships are keen. The challenge what we are facing is that the number of responses, which we are receiving, are much higher than expectations and therefore difficult to manage so many interest and engagement. However we are working hard to meet the expectations and needs of startups from us. 
Is it only for Indian startups or you aim to assist startups globally?
Currently, our target is India. We will first setup total seven units in India in different cities and then target to setup units outside India. The target is boost startup ecosystem in India to go with national plan of creating maximum number of jobs through startups. We will support startups and encourage students to follow their entrepreneurial goals. Students can connect with startups and experienced professional to boost their dream of becoming entrepreneur and possibility find suitable partner to start their venture. 
We are receiving interest to associate with our club from students, students, and experienced professionals globally. We have members from Asia, USA, South Africa, Europe and Middle East. We have created separate chapters for different regions to support local startups in these regions. 
What are your future-plans for Startup Entrepreneurs?
We have currently one workspace facility in Noida for startups in NCR. In the coming five years, we plan to setup seven units of Startup Entrepreneurs in seven major cities in India, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune and Kolkata.  We want to build each unit such that they are capable to provide maximum possible support to local startups in that regions or cities.  We have collaboration with incubators, accelerators and investment companies in Norway, UK and USA. We also work towards engaging startups in India with startups abroad for knowledge sharing and collaboration. The mission is to create a platform where startups challenges can be resolved by experience, knowledge and helping hand. 
How startups can connect with Startup Entrepreneurs?
Startups, students or experienced professionals who would like to connect with us can send us an email at and we will contact you back. They can visit our website and check our contact detail and office location to reach us. You can Google about us and connect with us through our social media pages on different online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We will be happy to connect and assist startups and students with their entrepreneurial goals. 
We support innovative technology startups or students with entrepreneurial goal. Therefore to receive incubation support from us, you have to be an innovative technology startup or student with goal of starting business in the area of innovative technology. 
Do you have any short advice for startups?
I think the best advice I can give to startups is that entrepreneurship is not an easy game. However if you continue and keep fighting, you will always have 50% chance to succeed and if you give-up then you will have no chance to succeed. So try to be in Startup game, no matter how much challenges tries to take you down to a position of giving up. So, NEVER give-up and keep fighting. Regardless of any profession we choose, we will have always challenges so why not choose our entrepreneurial venture which we will love to work with. 
And remember, its not only startups, but even the big players in business have to go through difficult times and challenges. Only difference is that they have big team, brand and big recognition. That’s why they are playing the same game at different stage than yours. However they have been to your stage before reaching far in the game. So, keep fighting until you make it.
I will also advice to seek support from experienced professionals or mentors who can guide you with their experiences.  By collaborating with experienced professionals, you will have not only your passion but also experience that have gone through several challenges.  There is always someone out there who is ready to assist you so keep looking for right mentors who will support you without any benefits. 
Source: Aakash Dhoundiyal, HTCampus Specialist 

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