Intra-College Business Fest- NEXUS’15 at Bhawanipur Education Society College

HTCampus Expert updated on : 14 Sep 2015

Bhawanipur Education Society College conducted Intra-College Business Fest: NEXUS 2015 on September 1, 2015


Following a series of events being held at Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata celebrated Intra-College Business Fest- NEXUS’15 on September 1, 2015. The fest was followed by a series of Training Session on Business Plan, Marketing, Group Discussion, and Interview from August 24, 2015 to August 28, 2015. The fest initiated with theme song by the college collective ‘Crescendo’ was a colossal addition to its grandeur.



Dr. Sreekumar Ray, VP Commerce Department briefed about the Nexus drop down followed by a dance piece staged by the Flame Collective. Prof. Dilip Shah, the Dean of Students Affairs with AISEC members unpacked the MOU with AIESEC Kolkata. The first event started with Bol Bachchan where all the participants had to introduce themselves with a pleasant mirth. This was judged by Prof. Kaushik Banerjee.

The other events were:

1.      FAIDE KA SAUDA-Judged by Prof. Vijay Kothari, was a Live Virtual Stock Market Game. Student with the max profit won by Ashwini Sonkar.

2.      OUT OF THE BOX-The students were required to create various face book pages on different locations of the College and had to get maximum likes using the marketing skills using their creativity. The Winners were Shivam Roy, Hardik Parekh, Taher Kangroo

3.      PRASHN MANCH-Judged by Mr. Ashoke Sanyal was a business quiz consisting of two rounds namely, prelims and finals. The winner of this round was Punit.

4.      PAHEL-Judged Mr. Sanjay Mansukhani and Prof. Tridib Sen Gupta. The students had shown their business plans along with a PPT presentation. Winners were Siddharth Dhariwal, Romit Dhar and Naman Baid

  1. VYAPAAR- A Monopoly board game was won by Krishan Agarwal.
  2. CORPORATE INTERVIEW- This event was based on Corporate Interview and dummy interview were conducted to give an idea of actual Corporate Interview. Judged by Mr Arpit Dhandhania and won by Mehul Shah
  3. VIGYAPAN KI DUNIYA-Judged by Mr Rajiv Soni & Ms Mallika Jalan and won by Samreen Alam, Kinal Doshi, Siddhant Shukla, Ayush Agarwal, Sneha Poddar was an event where the participants had to present a video of 1 minute (max) on a commodity ‘X’.
  4. ADDA-An event of “GROUP DISCUSSION” where the participants will be given a topic to discuss on was judged by Mr Prakash Nahata. The Winner was NITISH RAJ.
  5. TRIAL ROOM-Judged by Prof. Dilip Shah was an event where the teams were given a case study and they had to fight for justice won by Kaushik Damani, Nipun Agarwal, Kaushik Daga.
  6. JUMBLE RUMBLE-Was an event of “Corporate Treasure Hunt” Where the participants had to solve the clues and complete the given questionnaire won by Shrenik Chandalia, Samreen Alam, Ayush Agarwal, Neha Poddar, Sneha Poddar.

At the end, the prizes were distributed to the Winners and Runner-Ups by Dr. Sandip Dan, Rector  & Secretary, Governing Body College, Prof. Dilip shah, The Dean of Students Affairs & Prof. Tridib Sengupta, Co-ordinator, BBA Department.

Nitish Raj was declared Star of Nexus Male & Samreen Alam & Sneha Poddar were declared Star of Nexus Female 2015 winners.




Source: Shriya Agarwal, HT Campus Specialist

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