ITUSA Organized Basketball Tournament in NIT Kurukshetra

HTCampus Expert updated on : 18 Apr 2016

ITUSA organised Basketball tournament at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra!

Another edition of tournaments, this time being a basketball tournament, under ITUSA was organized in NIT Kurukshetra from April 9 to April 10, 2016. The various colleges in ITUSA from north India actively participated in the tournament and put in their heart and soul in the tournament, despite only one emerged as the winner. The tournament witnessed the eminent presence of Mr. Rakesh Chauha, Chief Engineer, and Irrigation Department. The prizes were distributed by the former basketball team captains of NIT Kurukshetra.

The participating teams were:

Best Player:

Boys: Rajan, Thapar University (82 Baskets)

Girls: Clary, NIT Jalandhar (23 Baskets)

Best Player, NIT Kurukshetra:

Boys: Mohit Rathi

Girls: Aparna Sharma, Muskan

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