Jaipuia Institute of Management, Indore Hosts a Guest Session on Communication

HTCampus Expert updated on : 22 Sep 2016

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with Communication” says Mrs. Divya Ganesh during the guest session at JIM Indore.

The most important part of an organisation is its communication structure. The way people communicate and the way people operate. It is one of the most important traits of a modern organisation. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore organised a guest session of Business Communication on ‘ways of communication in an organisation’. Mrs. Divya Ganesh, a consultant at a multinational consultancy firm was invited to take the session as guest speaker.



The session was conducted in two phases, both played a very curtail role for students in the understanding of the communication structure in an organisation.

In the first phase Mrs. Ganesh explained the whole communication structure through various examples and with an extremely elaborated PowerPoint presentation which was very easy to understand and was very helpful to the students. While explaining Mrs. Ganesh emphasised on the Pyramid Principle, she explained that it is the most effective way of communication in an organisation. It explains the way hierarchy works and it also help us to understand what our basic or main idea is and how we have to execute that idea.


In the second phase, Mrs. Ganesh divided the students in 6 teams and gave each team a chart paper. They were asked to make a Pyramid table on the basic idea ‘Why Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore is the best management institute in central India’. Student prepared their Pyramid tables with great enthusiasm.


From each team 3 members presented their ideas to the students. The students in the audience then had to comment on the groups presentation keeping the Pyramid principle in mind. This activity made it clear to the students that as future managers, maintaining hierarchical communication is very important in an organization.

The session ended with a group photograph and the valuable feedback of Mrs. Ganesh to all the teams.

Source: Insiya Ali, HTCampus Specialist

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