JEE Main 2018 (Online)- 05 Important Tips for Aspirants

Hina Yadav updated on : 23 Aug 2017

The JEE Main 2018 (Online) exam is just few days away, and the online mode of examination is much different than the pen and paper based JEE Main 2017. Find some important tips below for your Exam day!

JEE Main online things to keep in mind

The JEE Main 2018 will be conducted by CBSE in the month of April 2018. If aspirants want to crack the examination with good marks then they should start preparing for the examination from the very instant. Due to the high number of applicants, it becomes hard for an average student to crack the examination. Besides, JEE is the first online test that a student would take. Aspirants should be aware of the complexities and the Hence, in order to do well in the entrance test, read the below given important tips. 

Thos who are appearing for the JEE Main 2017 (online) examination must keep certain things in mind for the exam day. It is normal to feel nervous, anxious and a little scared, but it is also utmost necessary to go well prepared and aware of the mechanism of the online JEE Main 2018 exam. Apart from the preparation, a good understanding of the medium of examination is also imperative, especially when it is different from the way candidates prepare for the offline exam.

The first and most important thing is to relax and calm down. Remember, you have prepared and are ready with all that you could do and now you just have to give your 100% on the main exam day.

JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool

JEE Main College Predictor Tool

Find below some useful tips for the JEE Main 2018 online exam-

Practice Online Mock Tests

Since the medium of examination is going to be online, it is very important that you practice as many mock tests as you can, ONLINE. There are several practice tests available on the internet to practice and give you an idea of what it would be like to attempt the exam on a computer. Once you are comfortable with the medium of examination, you will be very confident about attempting the JEE Main 2018 examination, online. Make sure you understand the process of an online exam while practising online JEE Main mock tests

JEE Main 2018 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Get Location Details

Visit the exam centre a day prior to the JEE Main online exam, to get an estimate of the time and distance, it would take for you to reach the venue. According to your estimate, you should calculate backwards the time it would take for you to wake up, get dressed and accordingly the time you should go to bed to get sufficient sleep the day before the exam. Don't skip the traffic on the

Start Wisely

This is probably the most important tip. Do not start any new topic or chapter because you don’t have enough time to grasp any new concepts and it will not help you do better in the exam. Rather, revise and be thorough with what you have already prepared and learnt and be confident about what you already know. Also, instead of revising the entire chapters just go through your notes. Going through the notes will help your brain recall the important topics and concepts of each chapter.

Keep Documents Ready

Maintain a checklist of all the documents that you would require at the exam centre and keep them in your bag one night before the exam. The maximum time will be involved in the verification process of candidature. Hence, to save the verification time keep all the documents handy. Every moment is crucial for the candidates. 

Documents that you would require at the JEE Main 2018 (online) exam centre would include the following:
• Admit card
• ID proof
• Aadhaar Card is mandatory

Solve Easy Questions

It is very important to get proper rest and eat well the day before your exam to keep your body well, healthy and energised to take on the biggest engineering exam of the country, JEE Main 2017 (online). Make sure you get a good 8-hour sleep before the exam. On the day of the exam, keep yourself well hydrated and have a stomach filling breakfast because you have to sit and give a 3 hours exam on a computer. Make sure you keep blinking your eyes during the exam because they can strain easily by looking at a computer screen continuously for 3 hours.

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