JIM Indore Hosts Guest Lecture on Learning's through ‘Business Acumen’

HTCampus Expert updated on : 28 Sep 2016

Mr Sandeep Atre, PhD -Founder and Director of CH EdgeMakers visited the JIM Indore campus for a guest session.

Human beings are 'social animals' less by choice and more by necessity. They are left with a responsibility bordering on a burden. There is a need to learn the complexities of managing relationships, which was performed by -managing impressions, shaping perceptions, tracking conditions and making adjustments. The art of diplomacy was adopted but it too had a risk of getting 'manipulated'. To avoid and make students aware of the threat, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore organized a guest session on "Social Intelligence" and "Business Acumen" for the students of batch 2016-18. 
The Chief Guest for the session was Mr. Sandeep Atre, Ph.D. -Founder and Director of CH EdgeMakers, leading coaching institute in 'Central India'. He is also the founder and Director of Socialigence- an organization which focuses on development of 'Social Intelligence' through its focused online courses and customized workshops. 
Ms Prabha Tiwari introduced Mr Sandeep Atre, who shared his experience and sensitized students towards "Social Intelligence". While sharing his experience he emphasized that -communication is something which is the core for every field you belong to.  It is way beyond using words and is related to emotions as well. He narrated a small story to energize students and fill them with a positive mindset. He discussed how challenging and distractive the world is for young generations. Adding to his words he said -'World is full of distractions, human need to control on themself'.
He shared his own experiences and ideas which were really admired by the students. He shared an interesting theory of - How September borns’ are lucky in India? The logic behind the success of September was comical but realistic though. Students and faculties were found grinning, trying to escape themselves from the loud giggle. He also emphasized on Entrepreneur Skill which was required to save the drowning business. Acc. to Mr. Atre "There are dots which are not apparent but are still there, which needs to be connected proactively" and "Business happens at customer point not at business cabins". In his session he also shared the examples of a successful businessman who connected the dots at right time and are successful today in a secure position. He played some interesting videos and asked students to judge the behavior from the character gestures, expressions and movements. Being an expert of 'Social Intelligence' he made students learn how to judge a human. After a detail understanding students learned how to see beneath, to save from attempted manipulation. 
The huge clapping of students showed the session was interesting and learning. Students demanded such more envision from the faculties which helped them in gaining insights and grooming smartly. Miss Prabha Tiwari and students gave a vote of thanks to Mr. Atre for his precious time and experience which was shared at Jaipuria, Indore.
Source: Insiya Ali, HTCampus Specialist 

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