JIM Indore Hosts an Interactive Session Dr. Ernest Cadotte

HTCampus Expert updated on : 17 Nov 2016

JIM indore was privilldged to have Dr. Ernest Cadotte to deliver a session on Business Simulation

To let the students and facilitators know more about the usage of Business Simulation and that how this platform can enhance the faculty members teaching effectiveness and on the other hand the student’s class room experience, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore invited Dr. Ernest Cadotte. 
A business plan writing exercise is a common teaching method for an entrepreneurship course. In a class size of twenty or less, a business plan writing exercise can be an effective pedagogical tool. However, the value of this tool diminishes as the enrolment increases. Fewer students are able to pursue their own venture idea, and there is less time to critique a student’s individual business plan. Due to these shortcomings, Business Simulation as a pedagogical tool was introduced under the assumption that the simulation will provide students enrolled in larger classes a more effective platform than the business plan writing exercise.
Dr. Cadotte is the author of the Business Simulation Platform Marketplace- Venture Strategy. The business simulation platform has been an integral part of class room teaching in the core course of Entrepreneurship at Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore. 
The interactive session started with the boardroom meeting of all the faculty with Dr. Ernest where a formal introduction of all the faculty members with their area of specialization was shared followed by Dr. Cadotte’s ideas as how to leverage the Business Simulation platform in their respective areas. 
Further, there was a briefing by the guest regarding how blending the subjects like marketing, business communication, and many other subjects can contribute to an effective learning process of the students. 
The meeting was followed by a formal interaction of Dr. Cadotte with the young minds of Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore. He explained how the knowledge can be used to make the decisions in the real business environment. He also shared how the ideas should be tested keeping in mind that how it is going to affect the business and what would be the result of it. He said, “The knowledge can easily be converted to one’s skill through practice” which motivated the students. Further he explained about simulation to the students how it can help them to speed up the process of completing tasks in a better way. Many students asked the questions related to it and he very well explained them throwing light on the key concepts related to simulation.
At last the Director, Dr. Harshavardhan Halve thanked the guest and shared it was a privilege of Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore to be able to host Dr. Cadotte. He expressed his gratitude to Dr. Cadotte for sparing his valuable time and having such enriching interactions with the faculty members and students.
Source: Insiya Ali, HTCampus Specialist 

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