Journey from a JEE Aspirant to an IITian, by JEE Advanced AIR 3 2015

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Mukesh Pareek, JEE Advanced AIR 3, 2015 talks about the best two years of his life that made him achieve his life goal – IIT


A smiling face, a sharp mind, an extrovert in nature and a poet at heart; are the primary highlights of this family boy who made news in June 2015, by securing the JEE Advanced AIR Rank 3, 2015. The math wizard, Mukesh Pareek, has hobbies of most other boys his age, with an addition of inclination towards Indian mythological books such as Ramayana, Bhagvad Gita and alike. This foodie and a romantic, hails from Jaipur and was later brought up in Indore.


Q1. Please share your preparation strategy for JEE 2015.

MP- My strategy was to solve as many questions as I could, for Physics and Mathematics. In Chemistry, I preferred reading, because you can't solve questions until your basics are strong. I made very compact notes.


Q2. What are the 5 skills that are essential to crack JEE?

MP- Dedication, Sincerity, Perseverance, Regularity, Intelligence


Q3. Was IIT always a dream? Also, were you clear about pursuing engineering? If yes, when did you start preparing?

MP- Yes I always wanted to get into IIT, I first thought about going for engineering in 8th, when my brother cleared 12th and took up Engineering. I started my JEE preparation in the 11th hour only. I had started with small targets like NTSE etc.  As a result, my basics were strong, which helped a lot in JEE preparation.


Q4. What is the ideal time one should devote to JEE preparation?

MP- It is sufficient if you devote 10-12 study hours effectively.


Q5. Did you take coaching for JEE?

MP- Yes. I prepared from CatalyseR institute in Indore.


 Q6. What role do the coaching classes play in preparing students for JEE? Do you feel these classes are necessary?

MP- Not a compulsion, but, in my opinion they play a really important role in one's preparation. They can help you with the experience as they are aware of the methods to be used for scoring good rank in JEE.

Q7. What are the mistakes that students usually make while JEE preparation? How can they be avoided by JEE 2016 aspirants?

MP- Generally, students take too much stress and they panic during the exam. They get disheartened easily. Students give very much importance to test results and think too much over it. The only concern of the students should be that, if they are giving their 100 per cent? And that, other things are not under their control.


Q8. What are your comments on ‘Dropping a year for JEE preparation’?

MP- It's a risky decision and unless you are not very sure about the same, you must refrain. But, if you are dedicated and confident about giving another year to achieve your goal and above all, if you think you deserve nothing less than an IIT, then you should definitely go for it.


Q9. How is life at IIT?

MP- The best thing IIT provides is freedom. Seniors are very helpful. There are a lot of different clubs which organize numerous activities that provide varied experiences. I have made many wonderful friends here, so I am enjoying my first year at IIT.


Q10. Please share some insights about the learning and developments a student undergoes after joining IIT.

MP- You learn to take up challenges and work in groups. You get to meet wonderful people. Every IITian has something special and IIT provides the platform to this special talent. IIT is all about studying is just a myth.


Q11. Lots of IITians become entrepreneurs? What is your take on Entrepreneurship?

MP- Yeah, it is a very good thing that students, instead of working for someone else in a foreign country, are working on their own ideas and helping the country in a way. If I get a chance to do something good for the society through entrepreneurship, I will definitely go for it.


As told to Kritika Sharma


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