Judicial Activism Lecture at Amity University

HTCampus Expert updated on : 21 Aug 2015

Justice (Retd.) Markandey Katju delivers lecture on Judicial Activism and Judicial Restraint at Amity

Former Supreme Court Judge, Justice (Retd.) Markandey Katju delivered a lecture on “Judicial Activism and Judicial Restraint” at Amity University, Noida.

In his speech, he stressed on the fact that there have been many cases around the world when Judges have made laws or have expanded certain laws. There should be a clear distinction between Judicial Outreach and Judicial Activism for the betterment of the society.

He said that there are about 32 million pending cases with Indian Judiciary, and if there are no new cases filed, then also it will take 360 years to clear the present backlog. He was hopeful that the present lawyers will work actively towards the betterment of the Judiciary as well as the Society.

Other key points from his speech include:

  • Judges should not act as Activists all the time trying to take over the statutory authorities
  • Clear distinction between powers of Constitution of India and the Judiciary
  • Highlighted the recent burning issues like Right to Privacy, Same Sex Marriages, Yakub Menon’s Case etc

Major General (Prof.) Nilendra Kumar, Director, Amity Law School and Direct General, Amity Directorate of Research and Innovation in Law and Allied Areas, thanked Justice Katju for presiding over and sharing his thoughts and views with the students of law who were the main attendants of the lecture.

Source: Ayushi Gupta, HT Campus Specialist

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