KPSA Wants Government to Postpone Board Examinations

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 03 Nov 2016

KPSA has appealed the government to reconsider the decision to hold the board exams as per schedule in the valley. Read further to know more.

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The Kashmir Private Schools Association (KPSA) put an appeal forward on Wednesday asking the government to reconsider the decision to hold the annual board exams as per the schedule owing to the unrest in the valley of Kashmir. They said that due to the current situation in the valley, schools have been mostly been shut with very less working days. As a result, the students are not ready to take the exams and the extreme stress could lead to suicidal tendencies among them.

KPSA president GN Var mentioned that the entrance exams are on a rise with tough exam patterns and syllabus and the competition will be too tough for students to handle. There has been no learning, which will result in poor performances and students will not be able to qualify for exams like CET, NEET, JEE etc.

Var also mentioned that over 25 schools have been burnt down in Kashmir in the last four months, leading to a lot of mental disturbance for students. He added that students are not yet ready to take the board exams since there has been no classroom learning. Exams are just a formality to check what the students have learnt. There will be no point conducting the exams when the student haven't learnt anything.

KPSA has appealed to look for a middle path, which benefits the students in the best ways possible. Var proposed the government to conduct the exams next year in February, as it would provide ample time for preparation. He also mentioned the floods in 2014, saying that students lost seven months of school time and still managed to finish the session.  The time in not an issue, but the government needs to think about the larger picture and the benefits of the students.

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