Last Week Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2018

Thamanna Abdul Latheef updated on : 29 Jan 2018

Check out these simple tips and tricks that you can use to prepare for the upcoming JEE Main 2018 examination which will be held in the month of April 2018

Last Week Things to Keep in Mind for JEE Main Exam

Last Week Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2018- With the JEE Main 2018 exam just a few days away, it’s important for you to get mentally and physically ready to tackle the biggest engineering exam of India. The JEE Main 2018 examination, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), will take place in various dates of April 2018 in both online and offline mode. Here are some of the things you must keep in mind few days before your exam.

Last Week Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2018

JEE Main Online Candidates Must Practice Online Tests

Candidates appearing for the JEE Main 2018 examination in the online mode, must practice some of the tests available online to get a hang of the medium and the test format. There are a number of tests available online for practice and students can choose from any number of reliable platforms for practice as long as the software interface is the same as that of JEE Main exam.

Don't Start Anything New

While discussing and exchanging exam tips with fellow aspirants and peers, you may come across topics or areas that you haven’t prepared or feel less confident about. You must ensure that you do not pick and start any new topic when you’re this close to the exam date. What is important is to be thorough and confident about the topics you have already prepared. Last few days before the exam are not meant for new topics and areas. In fact, this is the time you should spend on revising what you’ve already prepared. Do not study new topics from new books or engage in anything new. These five days are for relaxation and revision only.

Solve only JEE Main papers and NCERT

Some students try to solve the past IIT exam papers, which is not required and is not going to benefit the students. Solving JEE Main papers of the last five years, mock tests and revising the CBSE NCERT syllabus is enough. With just a few days left for the JEE Main exam, students should be focusing only on mock tests and JEE Main papers to revise. Your preparation for JEE Main should have a foundation based on NCERT books and try to solve as many sample papers as you can.

Revise Notes and NOT the Entire Topic

With just few days left, there isn’t enough time to revise all the topics thoroughly. It’s important to refer to the notes and the important points of each topic to be able to recall and revise the topic, instead of going through the entire chapters and topics. Students should ensure that they give ample amount of time to revision of all subjects. Balancing revision of all subjects is very important in the last week before the JEE Main exam 2018.

Time Management Practice

While solving the mock tests, it is very important that students manage their time themselves. Time management is essential in the JEE Main exam and the best way to achieve speed is by practicing mock tests within the time duration and scoring yourself. After solving the mock tests, students should do a self-analysis to understand where they went wrong in time management. On an average, students should spend 2 minutes per question, so they have sufficient amount of time for the 90 questions that need to be solved in 3 hours.

IT'S OKAY to be Nervous

It is completely normal to feel nervous during the few days leading up to the exam day, but it’s very important to overcome this nervousness and replace it with confidence and preparedness. The best way to build up confidence and reassure yourself that you are well prepared is mock tests. Practicing mock tests will reassure you and help you revise your topics, hence making you confident for the exam. There is no point in being anxious about the exam, whereas be confident about what you have prepared and chill.

Important Topics that MUST be Revised

Physics: Good understanding of Kinematics and Dynamics is important to have a strong problem-solving ability. Another topic in physics which is important is Theory of Fields (Electromagnetism).

Chemistry: Topics in chemistry that need to be kept in mind are physical chemistry. Students must note that inorganic chemistry is a very scoring topic and hence should be well prepared.

Mathematics: Important topics in maths are calculus. Other topics which are very scoring are determinants, sequences, permutation and combination, three-dimensional geometry. Students should also be able to relate complex numbers with coordinate geometry and vectors.

Set your Biological Clock as per the exam day

Studying all night and sleeping all morning is going to disrupt your body system and schedule on the main exam day. It is very important that during the last week before your exam, you start out your day as you would on the main exam day. Your biological clock needs to set and get used to as per the exam day. Waking up on time as you would on the main day, solving JEE Main papers and mock tests during the exam hours will help your body prepare itself physically and mentally for the main exam day. Students must practice solving papers during this time slot mentioned by the CBSE to get their body used to this schedule in time.

Eat, Sleep, Relax

Lastly, just remember that JEE Main is just another exam. Eat healthy food, watch your favorite sitcom, take sufficient breaks between revisions and just relax. You’ve put in your 100%, now just be confident about yourself and your preparation. Give it your best shot and don’t stress!

HTCampus wishes all of you Good luck!! Stay tuned to for more updates on JEE Main 2018 and Preparation Tips..!!

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