The Least Popular but Highly Rewarding Career Options After 12th

Vinod Sharma updated on : 16 Aug 2017

Career options after 12th that are less opted for but rewarding include shoe designing, radio jockey, wildlife photography, tea and wine tasting.

Gone are the days when students had fewer career options after 12th. They now have a bevy of courses to suit their interests and aspirations. Ranging from animation, writing, photography (wildlife and natural), and films to music, event management, media, fashion design and choreography, the course options after 12th are innumerable. Other than courses that Science, Commerce and Arts students pursue, offbeat courses also catch the attention of students who have different likings and aspirations.

In this article, we aim to make you familiar with offbeat career options that candidates can pursue after 12th.

Check out the Career Options after 12th

Tea, wine and chocolate taster

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Chocolate, wine and tea testers are among the courses less opted for. Imagine you have likings for any of above-mentioned fields and you get a chance to woo your taste buds with your favourite drink. You enjoy doing something you love the most and getting decent moolah for the same will surely make you happy. A few opt for careers after 12th in any of these areas but remuneration is good if you get a job in established companies.

Shoe designer

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Who wouldn’t love to have a rack full of aesthetically pleasing and comfortable shoes! So far, this area remains less explored but with increasing demand and wider shoe options available, domestic and international companies are spurting quite fast. With the higher demand of footwear production and export requirements, demand for shoe designer is also increasing with each passing day. Being shoe designer in a reputable domestic or international brand is a rewarding career after 12th.

Pet groomers

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Those who seek career guidance after 12th might not get recommendations for it. However, pet grooming aka animal beautician is surely a course for those who love pets and has a great sense of style. Serving as one of the interesting and rewarding career options for pet lovers, pet groomers look after the cleanliness, hygiene and overall upkeep of the pets. Other than this, they are also responsible for giving new appearances to animals for carnivals and pet fashion shows.


Hair stylist

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Those with considerable likings to give hair new makeovers for fashion savvy men and women of modern times, being a hair stylist is the right career option after 12th. Enhancing the overall appearance of customers is a little tricky job. Those with skilled hands and knowledge of the field should only pursue this career.

Adventure tour operator

Image source: Pixabay

For those with an insatiable penchant for adventure, travelling and love for exploring new areas, being an adventure tour operator combines the passion with living. The job is akin to that of a tour operator but more rewarding and entertaining for the aspirants.

Wildlife photographer

Image source: Pixabay

Photographing animals in their natural habitat isn’t something that many aspire. But for the animal and photography lovers, this profession is more than just a medium of earning. It’s rather a passion that eventually pays them off based on their skills and talent.

Radio jockey

Image source: Pixabay

Many students like music but a few choose to take up radio jockey as a career option. One of the challenging, promising and exciting careers, it enables one to let his/her voice reach millions of listeners. A radio jockey is often recognized with his/her voice and has a great fan following.

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