A Look at Some of the Highest Paying Jobs in Technical Fields

Jayita Ekka updated on : 19 Apr 2016

A list of technical fields and careers in technical field which you can pursue to make a mark with or without the types of engineering degrees

When close to entering into the college life, you are at that threshold where the decisions you make now will lay the foundation of your future career. We all live in a society where we are used to following suit – of friends, neighbours and other family members. And this is not just limited to buying a house or a car, or even taking foreign vacations that a certain Mr. Sharma and family have taken, but to basics such as which course to study or career to pursue!



Well, we all have benchmarks, in fact, having a benchmark is great! But, not at the cost of killing your inner God! Trust us, in the long run, you will not only hate it but, chances are that you may ruin your career as well. So, bottom line is, that it does not matter what your parents or family say; you follow your heart.

So, don’t sweat it if career in engineering in India is not your ultimate goal. Top notch institutions like IIT, NIT, BITS, IISER -Pune and IISc -Bangalore etc. offer a plethora of courses that are challenging, and have very good future prospects. The good part is, not many are aware about them, so the competition is lesser than a career in engineering in India and the chances of better opportunities from them are a plenty!

B. Sc + M. SC + Ph. D -

f you love getting to the root of things, exploring the why’s and the how’s and doing detailed analysis, then you can opt for a B. Sc + M. SC + Ph. D line of study. You can get into Research post your Ph. D and be a part of ground breaking inventions for various sectors and looks at careers in India or abroad. Depending on what specialization or science degrees you choose, you can become a Research Analyst for posts in university administration, offer career advice or be involved with fundraising or work in a lab for a private company, in a government department or as a consultant across career streams like Bio-Technology, Pharmaceutics and Genetics etc. IIT’s have a 5 year integrated M. Sc course, an M. Sc – Ph.D Dual Degree course as well as a B.S programme (4 years).

Bachelor of Planning (B. Plan) + Master of Planning (M. Plan) -

This is a relatively new field and has a lot of scope.  You will be trained to become a professional planner who plays a very critical role in shaping our environment – economically, environmentally, socially & culturally having significant impact on the factors that influence our lives. Planners help decide the design and appearance of cities/towns as well as their services, facilities and communities.


Commercial Pilot - 

This one needs no introduction. Not only is this a very reputable profession, but pilot salaries by airlines are also great. You can get various degrees of commercial pilot training requirements, from commercial pilot school, like - SPL, PPL, and CPL across institutes in India like Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi - UP, School of Aviation Science and Technology – Delhi; Rajasthan State Flying School –Jaipur and many others. A fresher pilot’s salary is around Rs 1.5 Lakh p/m for domestic airlines and an experienced pilot on international route can get approx. Rs. 5-6 lakh p/m.

Ethical Hacking -

Managing companies, businesses, shopping, banking, communications and every other aspect of our day to day lives is getting dependent on online processes. We trust the internet with passwords, bank accounts, intellectual property and all types of power. Hence, in order to protect our interests, both personal and commercial, there is an immediate need for competent Ethical Hackers or Cyber Cops.

Ethical Hackers are hired by companies to hack their own respective company and be able to identify any loopholes where an ill-intentioned hacker could create damage so that the company can beef up its security and cover the cracks. You could pursue a career in Ethical Hacking in India or Internet Security after obtaining a B.Tech in CS/ IT or a B. Sc degree. Some of the courses available include Certificate course in Ethical Hacking, PG Diploma in Information Security and System Administration, M.Sc in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and M.Tech in Cyber Security and Information Security. Admission to these Masters courses is via GATE/ or exams conducted by the institutions themselves. Some of the popular institutes that lead you to a career in Ethical Hacking in India: Institute of Information Security - Mumbai & Chandigarh; Ethical Hacking Training Institute - New Delhi; IMT – Ghaziabad; School of Vocational Education and Training -IGNOU and others.

Clinical Psychiatrist -

Clinical psychology is a broad branch of psychology that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Some of the more common disorders that might be treated include learning disabilities, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. As worlds’ no# 2 in population, there needs to be a healthy ratio between doctors and patients across all fields to ensure a healthy population, in India. Sadly, the number of Clinical Psychologists here is abysmally low at 1:10! Educational qualification to pursue this career is a B. Sc, followed by an M. Sc in Psychology. An M. Phil degree in Clinical Psychology is an added bonus. Besides this, Certificate and Diploma courses are also available. Some of the institutes include: Jamia Milia Islamia - New Delhi and a few regional centres of the NCERT also offer this course. Full time courses are available at Central Institute of Psychiatry - Ranchi; National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences - Bangalore; Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences - New Delhi. 

These are just a few of the myriad of courses and career opportunities available for you besides Engineering and Medical. With a PCM or a PCB background in your Class 12th, you can explore various other sectors like Defence Services, Pharmacy, Cloud Computing & Vizualisation Technology, Gaming, Agriculture and Petroleum, Gas & Energy Resources. 

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