Manipal Global Education Services launches GlobalNxt University

Alka Singh updated on : 09 Sep 2016

Manipal Global Education Services launched GlobalNxt University formerly known as Global e-University offering various Management programmes. Interested students can apply online.

Manipal Global Education Services which launched GlobalNxt University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia formerly known as Global e-University. The university is accepting student registrations via its portal. Interested students can click here to apply.

This endeavour for social transformation through education is achieved by 3 universities - Manipal University, Sikkim Manipal University and the American University of Antigua, and over 30 other institutions, besides university campuses in Dubai, Malaysia and Nepal.

In a year that has seen an unprecedented interest in online education, GlobalNxtUniversity offers students a rigorous curriculum, backed by a leading-edge interactive pedagogical platform that has been honed by over a decade of online tertiary education expertise.

GlobalNxt University is an innovative, technology-enabled institution that was formed to equip and update learners with the rapidly changing skill sets required in the modern, global economy. “In tandem with practices of an increasingly borderless world, GlobalNxt is set up like a global enterprise which combines all the traditional benefits of professor-led classroom learning with a contemporary flexible, anytime, anywhere learning model,” said Dr. Noraini Ismail, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, GlobalNxt University. “Our aim is to offer learners the same academic rigour found in the best traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, but our educational mission is also to raise the benchmark for online education to a new level than what is currently available. Students will benefit significantly from a strong emphasis on interactive pedagogy, advanced learning technology and a high calibre, PhD-qualified global faculty.”

Courses currently offered are the following:

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)the Business School’s flagship graduate programme, is designed for seasoned executives who wish to significantly enhance their management skills and capabilities for personal development or career advancement.
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Business Administration: the course helps students build a solid foundation of core management skills, and is also a stepping stone to the MBA programme.
  • Master of Science in Information Technology Management: the IT School’s main graduate programme, is aimed at aspiring Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT leaders who need to move beyond technical know-how to management know-how and bridge the gap between IT and business.

The University’s objective is to engage students in a highly interactive and individualisedlearning experience. In addition to the courses offered, GlobalNxt University has flexible award programmes designed for students to balance their studies with work, family or other commitments. GlobalNxt also works closely with its students and corporations to develop an engaging curriculum that is carefully crafted based on the desired learning outcomes.

Plans are in the pipeline to offer a suite of undergraduate programmes and graduate research programmes, as well as establish new schools in education, media and health sciences over the next three years.

GlobalNxt University derives its distinct academic heritage from U21Global, one of the first global online graduate schools. Founded in 2001, U21Global began as a pioneering academic partnership that originally involved up to 21 prestigious universities, internationally renowned for their teaching and research. U21Global’s success in enrolling over 9,000 students across 72 countries has demonstrated the key elements required for next generation universities and also highlights the enormous transformative potential of online education.

In a new industry collaboration model, GlobalNxt University has partnered with over 100 multinational corporations to help develop innovative, technology-enabled corporate learning and training solutions. “The emergence of GlobalNxt University is a testament to the quality and rigor of the online programmes that originated with U21Global,” said Ian Marshman, Senior Vice Principal at University of Melbourne, one of the U21Global founding universities.

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