Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata organises its Mega-Event ‘Tempest’


Marine Engineering and Research Institute (MERI), Kolkata will organise its mega techno-sports-cultural fest ‘Tempest’ between November 14 and November 18, 2012.

The Tempest’12 mega-event is a confluence of talent, nation-wide being organised by Marine Engineering and Research Institute (MERI), Kolkata from November 14 till November 18.

This mega event includes many sports events under Chakravyuh, cultural event under Cacophony and technical events under Propulsion. Details of these events are given below:

Chakravyuh: This sport event provides an opportunity to Sport-enthusiasts. Details of all the events in Chakravyuh are listed below.

• Basketball
• Cricket
• Volleyball
• Football
• Hockey
• Swimming
• Table Tennis
• Carrom
• Futsul and Paintball

Registration: Click here to register for Chakravyuh (

Pratichi - +91-8100350018
Abhinav - +91-8820990112
Sagnik - +91-9903215389

Propulsion: Propulsion is a technical fest of MERI organisesd by Tempest. Propulsion has grown over the years from a simple model-making contest to a symposium of technically inclined youth. With events for marine and other engineers, Propulsion provides the ultimate scope for innovation. It includes technical events named Hell Raiser, Wreckage, Ramming Park, Twister and Paper Presentation. The tech-fest also organises workshops for interested college students on engrossing topics like ‘Remote controlled vehicles’ and ‘Web Designing’.

Registration: Click here to register for Propulsion (

Faiz – 8820895742
Rahul – 8820895741

Cacophony: Cacophony is that part of the Tempest which showcases the artistic talents of the youth of Kolkata. Events details are as follows.

• Stampede (Rock Band Marathon)
• Hoedown (Western Dance Competition)
• Razzmatazz (Fashion Show)

Registration: Click here to register (

For more queries, please contact:
Supanto Biswas – 9830400369
Kiran Deep – 9674233969

Source: Abhishek Bharti, Co-ordinator

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