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Rajat updated on : 12 Feb 2018

Are you preparing for MAT 2018? Check best MAT preparation tips 2018 which can help you crack this MBA entrance examination here.

MAT Preparation Tips 2018

MAT Preparation Tips 2018 - All Indian Management Association (AIMA) administers this exam in order to facilitate the admission of candidates to MBA and other related allied programs in B – schools. MAT exam is among most famous and is widely taken MBA entrance examinations. Every year, this test is organised 4 times and the main purpose of this entrance test is to judge the basic aptitude and intellect of the students. Graduates are eligible to take this test and considering their level of knowledge, the questions are asked in the exam. 200 objective type questins are asked from various sections which aim to test language proficiency, logical reasoning and thinking skills, data analysis skills etc. of the exam takers. To ace this test with a high score, a good exam taking strategy must be devised by the candidates. They must ask the toppers and experts for MAT 2018 preparation tips and follow the same. With some guidance and a mix of smart & hard work, MAT 2018 can be cracked with a good score. Clearing MAT exam opens doors to more than 600 B – schools for the students all over the country.

The entrance examination is conducted in both online and offline mode, thus students are free to choose the mode of the exam as per their convenience. The exam in offline mode has been conducted on February 4 and the online mode is due to be held on February 17. This article discusses about preparation of MAT 2018.

MAT 2018 Preparation Tips

In order to crack MAT 2018 with good grades, it is important to have understanding of MAT syllabus and exam pattern. WIth clarity of these both, the students will a clear view of what all to be studied and what to be left aside. To save time and for best utilisation of the same, the candidates must prepare the topics which are important from the exam point of view. 

Before focusing on MAT preparation tips 2018, lets see what how the exam is structured. The details given below sums up the test pattern of MAT exam.

MAT 2018 Exam Pattern

  • MAT exam will have objective type questions.
  • MAT exam comprises of 200 questions carrying one mark each.
  • One mark will be given to everyone correct answer and 0.25 will be deducted for every incorrect answer. 
  • Total time for this exam will be 2 hours 30 minutes.

This table provides details of the sections and the number of questions asked across these sections:

Name of Section

No. of Questions per section

Suggested time to be spent in minutes

Language Comprehension



Mathematical Skills



Data Analysis & Sufficiency



Intelligence & Critical Reasoning



Indian and Global Environment



Tips to crack MAT 2018 - Important Topics to be prepared

Let us have a look at topics covered in every section of MAT 2018. Candidates must ensure that they prepare all these topics well as it will help them ace the test with good score.


Topics covered

Language Comprehension

Reading comprehension

English vocabulary



Verbal reasoning

Antonyms and synonyms


One word substitution

Contextual usage

Sentence completion

Fill in the blanks

Jumbled paragraphs

Mathematical Skills

Linear and quadratic equation

Loss and profit

Ratio and proportions


Time speed distance



Work and time



Data Analysis

Pie Chart

Venn Diagram

Column Graphs



Tables and Charts

Bar Graphs, Column Graphs,

Data Sufficiency

General Intelligence

Verbal ability

Mathematical reasoning


Critical reasoning

Coding and decoding

Statements and assumptions

Assertion and reasons

Linear arrangements

Effects and causes

Family tree

Visual reasoning

Critical reasoning

Indian and Global Environment

Current affairs



Major corporate events




Books and authors




How to Prepare for MAT 2018 Exam?

One should develop the strategic action plan for MAT exam 2018 preparation, individually for every section. Depending on the strengths and weakness in the sections, one can plan his preparation. MAT exam planning is an important part which everyone has to follow with dedication and full attention. Hence, it is wise to make strategies to crack MAT in the given time accurately. 

Following are some basic exam tips for MAT 2018 preparation:

Self-study is the best study

Among the best MAT preparation tips 2018 is doing self-study. Try to save time for self-study. These days most of the students must have got engaged with coaching and tuition classes and thus they don’t get enough time to prepare on their own. But every student should find some time for his own so that he can prepare on his own. This not only makes you practice more but also enhances the confidence level. 

Time Management is crucial 

Another most important MAT 2018 preparation tip is time management. Students should build their schedule according to their performance in every section so that required attention can be given to every subject. If you are weak in some subject, that subject needs more attention as compared to others. And it is very important to score good marks in every section as marks allotted are equal. 

Stay Confident 

The exam can make you nervous which is a natural thing. But it should affect your MAT preparation tips. Sometimes students don’t get enough time for preparation. And then they start getting nervous. This nervousness can harm your memory power. Hence, be confident and continue with your MAT 2018 exam preparation. Maintain good schedule, eat healthy and focus on your studies. Nervousness can spoil your whole preparation.

Keep Revising all sections

It is never okay to finish a section and never touch it again. Though the students may not have enough time in hands due to the syllabus being little lengthier, try to make way for revision. Revision is a good way to memorize everything again. So before some days of MAT exam, revise everything again. This will for sure help you to score good grades in the exam. 

Practice previous years’ MAT papers

For those who are planning to build their future in management and are planning for MAT 2018, they should adopt this strategy. Practising previous year’s MAT exam papers will help in understanding the syllabus, exam pattern difficulty level of exam etc. You can find these exam papers online. There are websites from where you can get previous years’ MAT question papers. Moreover, practicing old question papers of MAT will help strengthen your skills leading to a greater confidence level. 

MAT 2018 Preparation Tips - Sectional Preparaion

MAT exam 2018 is a passport to top B – schools in the country. Students who are aspiring to crack this test with good percentile should follow clear plans for preparation. Following are some section – wise preparation strategies for MAT 2018:

Language comprehension:

Among the most important sections in MAT exam, this section needs you to be strong enough in the subject. Hence, you should develop reading habit regularly. 

  • Reading the newspaper, good novels and magazine is a good way to practice for this section. This way, you can also improve your grammar skills and vocabulary. 
  • There should be variety in your MAT study material. 
  • Another way is to watch English news; this will help you in improving your language. Whenever you read and don’t understand the meaning of any word, always refer to a dictionary. Keeping a dictionary is a great way to enhance your vocab. 
  • Keep a diary where you can write all the difficult words which you come across. Use them in general communication so that you can retain for a long time. Practising comprehension as many as you can enhance your reading pace. 

Mathematical Skills:

This section will test your mathematical and numerical skills. This is a scoring section and you can score well if your fundamental concepts are clear properly. Here, you need to be accurate with quick speed. You will find every type of question, from difficult to easy. 

  • First, go for easy and moderate ones as this will increase your confidence. And then take the difficult questions. Focus on solving in them in a fixed time frame. 
  • Avoid using the calculator as it reduces your mathematical skills. Plus it also lowers down your speed.
  • Formulas are the very important part. They should be on your tips. 
  • You should memorize all the formulas every day to make them intuitive. For this, you can write all important formulas on paper and paste it to your bedroom wall so that you can have a look at them every day. It is good to maintain the accuracy in the time limit. 

Data Analysis and Sufficiency:

In this section too you can score good marks. This section will test your problem-solving skills on the basis of your logical and reasoning abilities. This section will have graphs, charts and diagrams. You should develop good speed along with all mathematical tricks. 

  • Don’t start any question without understanding it. First understand it properly, read why the option given there is opt. Reply only after reading the question properly. Keep in mind, there is negative marking.
  • If any information isn’t given in the question, don’t assume it on your own. Just focus on the information provided in the question. 
  • Try presenting the data in graphical, chart and diagrammatic form. 

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning:

In this section, you will find two statements at the end of every question. These statements are in the form of logical puzzles. And the only way to solve these puzzles accurately is to understand them. This section is little tricky and hence time consuming.

  • Good practice can save your time in the exam and this is very time-consuming section in MAT exam. 
  • Practice previous year’s MAT exam papers, MAT mock tests, sample papers etc. so that you can know how to answer correctly in less time. 
  • Don’t panic while answering these questions, stay cool and focus on the problem. If you stay calm, you can easily solve them.
  • If you aren’t sure, don’t put any random guess. 

Indian and Global Environment:

This section will check your IQ level. This section has a wide syllabus and you need to stay updated with everything happening around. 

  • Be in touch with news every day. Read the newspaper, watch latest news. 
  • Read all sort of news such as sport, business, social, politics, entertainment etc. 
  • Get a good GA/GK book and read it regularly. 

With the help of tips, tricks, and strategies mentioned above, it will become easy to crack MAT 2018. These steps are helpful. Practice is the key strategy of any exam. Hence keep a good practice schedule on a regular basis. One should always remain updated with MAT syllabus and exam pattern. Cracking MAT is not very difficult task. It is not just about how much you know but it's more about how much you have practiced and how quickly you reply the questions with accuracy. 

Books for MAT 2018 Preparation

Searching for books to prepare for MAT 2018 can be a tough task, so don’t waste your time in searching for books because we are providing the names of some books and their authors for MAT 2018 preparation:

Name of the Book


Published By

Mission MBA MAT Guide

BS Sijwali and Tarun Goyal

Arihant Books

MAT (Management Aptitude Test) Entrance Exam Guide

R. Gupta

Ramesh Publishing House

Barron’s Guide to GMAT

D. Jaffe, Stephen Hilbert

Galgotias Publication

Complete Guide for MAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams

Deepak Agarwal, Mahima Agarwal

Disha Experts

10 Challengers MAT

Dharmendra Mittal

Arihant Publications

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal

S. Chand

Study Package for MAT

Arun Sharma

TATA McGraw Hill

The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations

Dinesh Khattar

Pearson Education

MAT Score Accelerator

Disha Publication

Verbal Ability & Comprehension for CAT

Aditya Choudhary, Bharat Patodi

Disha Publication

Visit this page for best MAT 2018 Preparation Tips. In case of any doubt or query regarding how to prepare for MAT 2018 exam, feel free comment below.

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