MBA: The Road to Self-Discovery

Nidhi Bahl updated on : 07 Dec 2016

Doing an MBA can be a life altering experience. Everything that you learn in the classroom is going to shape your future.

MBA Road to Self-Discovery

One of the most common reasons for taking up an MBA programme is to prepare for management-level positions. Whether it is about racing up the corporate ladder, shifting from one industry to another or boosting one’s earning capacity, an MBA degree on your resume can totally bring about that much-needed change in your career.

In today’s competitive world, almost everybody wants to get an MBA degree in order to bag better career opportunities, leadership roles and salary-enhancing benefits. However, an important aspect of pursuing an MBA (often underrated) is how it shapes you as a person. 

The professional outcome and the results of doing a management course are well-known, but it is interesting to see that the course can be deeply enriching for an individual on the personal front as well.

More than just developing your overall management capabilities and imparting technical education, doing an MBA can be ‘a life-changing experience’. From getting good exposure to the corporate world, honing your management abilities to improving your soft skills, the rewards of a management programme go far beyond the certificates.

What you earn from a management degree is not limited to the initial career success you might enjoy. The skill set that you achieve at the B-School will give you lifelong returns. Your programme will not just help you perform to the highest level in your organisation; it will connect you to a network of professionals to support your future goals. It will also help you develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

Last year, a leading newspaper conducted an online survey of 200 students from B-schools across the country. When asked why they wanted to do a management course, 55% said it helped in their self-growth and 30% said it helped them get a lucrative job. Management education also helped people network with industry and academic experts; got them top positions at work; allowed them to manage their work-life better and, best of all, helped people improve the lives of others, reported the paper.

Until now, you have read a lot about how a degree in management can take you to greater heights on the work front. However, what you will read in this article are some underrated yet vital reasons for taking up a management course.

1. To Increase Your Knowledge Base

If you think that books and internet are ‘the sources’ to give you all the information you need. Then, you need to think again! The truth here is – intellectual interaction and debates that you will have with your peers and professors at a B-school are the keys to improving the knowledge you need to progress in your career.

2. To Re-evaluate Your Career Goals

Once you join a B-School programme, you may realise that your goal was something else before starting the course and that you’re actually meant to follow a completely different career path. Yes, an MBA gives you the opportunity to actually follow your dreams.

3. To Escape from the Competitive World & Learn

In this competitive and deadline-driven world, taking time off from work to sit in a classroom might seem like a crazy idea, at first. However, if you think about it, doing an MBA can be a great way to escape from the day-to-day grind you experience in your office.

4. For Networking and Making Some Lifelong Friends

Several years down the line, you may not think about your career as much as you do today. But the people you will meet and the friends you will make along the way will surely leave a lasting impression on your life. Build relationships and stay in touch with the people you meet in your class! They may also become potentially invaluable contacts for you down the line. 

5. To Learn How to Make People Work Together as a Team 

Working on a series of team projects is something that you will surely experience at any good Business School these days.  While each of you may think you’re brilliant and would want to become the leader when a task is thrown at you, it’s a huge challenge to make the entire team work together for a common goal. It is not easy to make people move in the same direction, but you will learn many techniques to do so along the way.

6. To Get an Understanding of the Global Economy

Some of the popular good B-Schools these days have students from different backgrounds. This can be an added advantage for you, as you will not only meet people from varied cultures but will learn about their respective countries. You will get a chance to move out of your shell and interact with the best minds from around the world. There is a big world out there and whatever you eventually decide to do should be sustainable.

7. To Have Good Mentors for Life

At your B-School, you will probably have some professors who will really challenge and stretch your thinking. You must share a great rapport with these mentors, for they will contribute immensely to your professional success. These professors will help you make crucial career decisions even when you’re out of college. If you’ve maintained good relations with them, you can always come back to them for suggestions.

8. To Meet and Listen to Accomplished Executives

Don’t miss the chance of listening to those top-level executives who visit your college for motivational talks!  If you want to succeed in life, you should learn what’s made great people great.  They will give you all the motivation you need to excel in your professional life and they will draw from their personal and professional experiences to give you pieces of advice. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, if you have any!

9. To Re-invent Yourself 

If you thought that re-inventing  yourself professionally is not possible once you’re in your 40s.  You’re wrong!  Your B-School will give you that chance to go far in your career.  It doesn’t matter which sector you’ve worked prior to your MBA course, the shift will happen smoothly once you’ve gained the requisite knowledge from your college. However, the key here is – the sooner you pick the area you want to focus on, the more you can focus on getting the right set of skills and eventually choosing the right career path.

10. To Learn the Art of Managing People 

What you’re essentially doing at a business school is learning how to manage a group of people working for you.  Prior to joining an MBA programme, you probably will have had little experience and opportunity to manage people.  But a B-School places you amongst people with the right skill set to manage big teams. Learn the concepts of managing people from your business school and you will see the difference it will make to your career.

11. To Learn How to Make Informed Decisions

While pursuing your MBA degree, you may not even realise what all you will learn in the process. You will develop the habit of analysing things and making informed decisions without getting lost in the details. During your course, you will come across so many cases that thinking strategically and analysing will become second nature to you.

12. To Develop the Habit of Thinking Big

During your time at the B-School, you might develop the habit of thinking big. In the company of so many bright and ambitious people with great success stories already to their name and such worthy plans for the future, you will feel inspired to do things that matter. You will get the self-confidence to launch yourself into achieving bigger things in life.

Chasing targets and long working hours leave very little time for an individual to learn. However, taking up a  course in management will not only help you advance in your career but will also update you about the latest business trends and give a new meaning to your life. Everything about the MBA classroom, including interaction with faculty and peers, student activities, case studies, industry visits can radically change your perspective, both personally and professionally.

Good luck for your MBA journey!  Enjoy and make the most of your time at the B-School!  You are on your way to become a great professional!


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